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XProtect 2023 R2 release further boosts operational efficiencies

giugno 20, 2023

Milestone Systems announces its latest product update, Milestone XProtect® 2023 R2, a software upgrade designed to meet the evolving demands of Video Management Software (VMS) users. Following the successful 2023 R1 update earlier this year, the R2 release brings significant advancements, featuring Adaptive Playback, Video Restrictions, the introduction of Adaptive View for Exports, a new Rapid REVIEW enhanced installer, and improvements in XProtect Management Server Failover capabilities.

New functionalities

In the new R2 update, Adaptive Playback enables the Smart Client to switch seamlessly between high and low-resolution streams. This adaptive streaming capacity helps reduce the system load, lessens the load on viewing clients, thereby offering a smoother viewing experience. The reduced system load further allows for additional cameras to be connected.

The R2 release also introduces the Sharing a Camera Link feature, allowing to share links to live video streams between users of the Mobile Client. This can greatly improve the efficiency of field security personnel by allowing them to share a specific live stream with a colleague, particularly useful in high-stress scenarios.

Building on the focus to improve the user experience, the R2 update offers an Adaptive View for exported video projects. This new viewing mode in the Smart Client Player adjusts the camera layout based on the number of cameras playing simultaneously to maximize view size. This feature aids users in better managing their video exports.

Enhanced security measures

With this R2 update, XProtect now offers Video Restrictions, a functionality designed to provide additional security provisions. It allows operators to limit access to certain video sequences, including video, audio, and device metadata, to authorized personnel only. User permissions can be set to determine who can create, view, edit, and remove video restrictions.

Additionally, XProtect 2023 R2 supports the use of pre-created databases during installation, allowing the XProtect VMS products to be installed with limited SQL server permissions towards a managed on-prem database. This offers an added layer of security, eliminating the need for previously required system administrator privileges.

Failover improvements

New XProtect Management Failover Improvements provide increased security and lower cost of ownership for large installations when running SQL and management servers on separate machines. The new system can also reduce the number of servers needed because the domain controller is no longer required, and both Management and Recording Servers can now run on the same machine.

XProtect 2023 R2 exemplifies Milestone Systems' commitment to consistently providing high-quality, secure, and user-friendly VMS solutions. This latest update empowers users with better operational efficiencies, adaptive capabilities, and increased security measures. For a comprehensive review of the features and enhancements offered in this release, visit the XProtect 2023 R2 release area in My Milestone to access specification sheets, comparison charts, new features presentations, and more.


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