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Safe cities are destination cities

octobre 12, 2021

Travel and tourism were on pause during the pandemic, but cities are finally welcoming back visitors eager to leave their homes and travel again. Marketing a city as a destination for tourists, vacationers, conference organizers, and event planners is essential for a healthy local economy. In addition, showcasing a destination’s safety and security innovations can be an attractive feature to those wondering where to visit next. 

Safe cities help tourists feel safe, secure, and comfortable moving about while they are there, and event organizers have this in mind when deciding what city should host their next big event. Here are some of the reasons event planners consider bids and proposals from cities eager to host:

  • When clean, secure transportation is available, visitors feel safe and welcome.
  • Visitors can travel around the city with ease and a sense of safety.
  • Public transit is functional and easy to navigate.
  • A walkable city center or tourism district provides attractive options for eating and entertainment. 
  • Conference hotels and event venues are available in safe areas.
  • Cities invest in citywide surveillance and visible traffic patrols to keep crime under control.
  • Police combine efforts to stem trafficking. 

Milestone Systems helps cities become safe destinations that are exciting to visit so that tourists leave with only good memories and a desire to return. 

Milestone Offers Video Technology to Enhance Visitor Safety

Safe cities connect through new video technology, making cities more secure and stress-free for visitors and tourists. Milestone has a software platform managing available camera, sensor, and video analytics technology for various citywide uses. This centralized and collaborative video technology is creating opportunities in and beyond security, such as enhancing hotel and event security, law enforcement, traffic flow analysis, public transport optimization, and increased situational awareness that prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of the city’s visitors and residents. 

Vicente López is one of 135 districts that make up the Buenos Aires province in Argentina. In recent years, the flow of population that moves through the district has risen considerably. In addition, thousands move through the area on their way to and from the federal capital daily, whether via personal or public transport.

Santiago Espeleta is the Secretary of Security for Vicente López. Espeleta says, “As a local government, we must work to ensure that people live better every day, and we can do so by employing trustworthy, high-quality technology like the Milestone XProtect® platform.”

Safe City Economies

Cities can provide enormous value to their local economy through safe city thinking. By collaborating with municipal organizations charged with attracting tourists and events to cities, Milestone can provide cities with valuable data quickly and help them put their security data to work for the benefit and flourishing of the economy. 

Milestone’s open platform technology, XProtect video management software (VMS), gives cities excellent protection by securing highly populated areas, enhancing a city’s emergency response times, ensuring top-notch event security and crowd management, and developing preventative measures to reduce crime. 

Milestone can help your city go beyond protecting its current residents and attract and safeguard first-time and returning tourists and events. 

Want to Talk About Safe City Opportunities?

Need information or want a consultation about how to build your city video solution with Milestone’s open platform? We’d love to help. Book a Demo with one of our city security experts today. You can also explore more articles, eBooks, and customer stories by visiting our city insight hub.

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