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Milestone investe e lavora continuamente per mettere a disposizione le pagine di nel maggior numero di lingue possibili. Tuttavia il processo richiede tempo. Tutte le nostre funzioni sono già disponibili in versione multilingue, ma alcune pagine, come questa, ancora no.
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iOmniscient Pty Ltd

iOmniscient focuses on solving customer problems using video, sound and smell analytics. It has addressed several hundred use cases for 30 different industries. It has international patents for detecting and recognition in crowded scenes. Its systems have been implemented in 60 countries.

iOmniscient’s Artificial Intelligence based Multi-Sensory Analytics Platform includes video, sound and smell to better replicate human reasoning. These technologies have been implemented in 60 countries across 30 industries involving hundreds of use cases.

With 50 International Patents, iOmniscient specializes in addressing complex and crowded environments – doing things that no one else can do. In the video analytics arena, the company has the most comprehensive suite of Detection, Tracking and Recognition capabilities, from simple intrusion and counting systems to unique object detection in a crowd, multi-lingual License Plate Recognition & the world’s first non co-operative Facial Recognition for Crowded Scenes. Its Automated Response system can reduce response time by 80%.

iOmniscient does MORE with LESS. Its solutions require fewer cameras, 90% less storage and network bandwidth and less computing resources. You can implement an intelligent system at ZERO incremental cost.
Certificazioni e premi
2 certificazione/i e premio/i

Analytics Company of the Year 2018

Awarded by Wealth and Finance Magazine - just one of 40+ international awards

iOmniscient Tops Gartner List

Gartner has just analyzed the Top 99 video analytics companies worldwide. They looked at 57 applications. iOmniscient could do 52 of them. The others on average could do 23.