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OilChain is a turnkey, all in one, platform as a service to control assets, equipment and data in one shot

OilChain has been founded in 2018 in London starting from the need to certify production data in energy sector using ground stations as physical nodes where locally processing and ensuring any kind of data coming from production sites that no one can mismatch or tamper with or hack, from inside or... outside. It has created a real (public) Blockchain and AI based network of hardware nodes which can control any aspect of assets/facilities/equipment and data life in several industries from Energy (Oil&Gas production, wind etc.) to Avionics (Heliports, Airports, Vertiports, with its brand SkyChain) and forth, providing autonomous, redundant sensors and communication channels and autonomous intervention systems, giving customers (private or institutions) a ready-to-go, fast installed solution to their security, safety and efficiency issues, all in one PaaS (Platform as a service). We use xProtect (expert & corporate) as a backbone and a reliable source of data which are then certified.

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Awards and recognition

We have been recognized with the following industry award(s)

Seal of Excellence of European Commission
Seal of Excellence given for the innovative use of technologies as BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence
Seal of Excellence of European Commission
Seal of Excellence given for the innovative use of technologies as BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence

Located at:


12 Constance St, London E16 2DQ, UK


16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, USA
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Rd 5722, Bahrain
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