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Technology Professionals
Who Go The Extra Mile

Milestone Developer Champion is a title awarded to the most outstanding members of our Developer Community to recognize and celebrate their contributions.

Our champions use their passion and expertise to go the extra mile – sharing practical knowledge to help customers and peers get the most out of Milestone products, SDK & APIs and communities. They are innovators and trailblazers – creating integrated solutions in the Marketplace and contributing to continuous improvements. They are advocates and mentors, advancing knowledge-sharing in the community.

A broad range of backgrounds
Milestone Developer Champions are technology leaders: IT professionals, supporters, tech executives, architects, and engineers, but the majority are software developers. They use their advanced understanding of the Milestone Integration Platform, Video Management Software, and ecosystem to create positive influence and advancements in the field.

Valid for 12 months
Launched in June 2021, the nomination and selection of Milestone Developer Champions is done exclusively by Milestone Systems. The title is valid for 12 months, after which it may be renewed for those who remain active contributors to the Milestone Developer Community. The Milestone Developer Champions of 2021 will keep their titles until Milestone Developer Conference 2022, after which a new 12-month period will be initiated.

Amplifying our partners’ voices
Milestone Developer Champions are valued partners, not employees of Milestone Systems. Milestone is delighted that this initiative can contribute to amplifying our Developer Champions’ voices and expand their spheres of influence so that together, we can achieve even more.
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