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How open platform video is keeping the water safe and the lights on in Thailand

juillet 14, 2021

Surveillance of power plants requires a huge investment of manpower and resources, and security is a constant issue. The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand needed a future-proof solution for their power generation sites and discovered that Milestone XProtect® was the perfect choice.


Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)



Camera count


Milestone product


Network video cameras from Axis Communications


8-Bit Solution

Challenge: Help ensure water safety, high and low

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) is responsible for electric power generation and transmission in Thailand. Efficiently managing the power generating sites presents a major challenge.


For example, the water levels at hydropower plants must be observed regularly, and authorities must be quickly alerted if it is either too high or too low. With some sites located over an hour’s drive away from the city, EGAT previously incurred high labor costs due to in-person visits.


Additionally, without substantial enough manpower to frequently monitor and survey the water level of reservoirs, safety had at times been compromised. There had been occurrences of fishermen losing their lives when their boats capsized as a large rush of water overtook them, unseen, after dams were opened.


The goal for EGAT was to achieve a modern, well-rounded surveillance system that would iron out issues with security and safety, reducing the possibilities of accidents.

Solution: Centralized operations that are scalable
  • Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS)
  • Network cameras from Axis Communications
  • Evaluation and implementation by 8-Bit Solution
  • Flexibility to expand the system or change vendors in the future


Milestone’s open platform VMS replaced the previous analog recording software, to manage over 200 AXIS network video cameras at six hydropower plants. The new system provides simultaneous viewing across the sites - from one centralized monitoring station.


Milestone XProtect supports a wide network of hardware and cameras. And with endless integration possibilities, EGAT has the freedom to add new technologies as it continuously pursues the best security and safety for its power plants.

Result: The ability to go with the flow

With the Milestone solution, EGAT is able to remotely monitor the volume of water for agriculture and power generation, greatly reducing the time and money previously spent when employees had to be sent out to monitor the water. Additionally, the cameras now provide 24/7 vigilance, especially important when opening water gates. Any people like fishermen can be seen in the vicinity, to avoid capsizing boats and lives lost.


As EGAT installs more cameras at its power sites, Milestone’s open platform capabilities continue to provide them with endless options for adding value. EGAT will be able to seamlessly integrate a wide range of third-party applications, security hardware and business systems with its centralized setup.


For example, there have been plans to integrate the VMS with Milestone’s XProtect license plate recognition (LPR) module, as well as XProtect Access, an app that gives customers the efficiency of interoperable access control systems. In addition, installing thermal cameras would optimize security perimeters in low light and night-time scenarios.


The 35% reduction in manpower and labor costs EGAT has witnessed thanks to the video system has enabled the redistribution of resources toward advancements in clean technology. In this way, Milestone contributes to the ongoing development of a future-proof power solution for Thailand.

Implementing a comprehensive video surveillance system with Milestone solutions allows us to mitigate many potential dangers our staff may face, especially in highly sensitive zones such as hydropower plants and water dams.

Director of Safety and Security, EGAT, Thailand
About the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

EGAT is responsible for electric power generation and transmission in Thailand, as well as most electric energy sales. It is a state enterprise, managed by the Ministry of Energy.

Owns and operates

45 power plants, 6 hydropower and 228 substations


approximately 37% of Thailand's electricity, Bangkok included


the largest power producer in Thailand



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