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Empower school safety with custom video management solutions

décembre 13, 2021

From bullying to facility intrusion to kids smoking in the restrooms, today’s educators and staff need more sophisticated tools to keep schools safe — and ensure every student can make the most of every day’s moments.

From meeting our first friends on the playground to finishing our final college exam, the memories we cherish most from our years in school are the very ones we need to protect for students today. And while the technology, lessons, and experiences kids face today may be a little different, the issues teachers and administrators deal with remain familiar. From bullying to facility intrusion to kids smoking in the restrooms, today’s educators and staff need more sophisticated tools to keep schools safe — and ensure every student can make the most of every day’s moments.

Thanks to advancements in our technology, Milestone can help your school safeguard students and staff better than ever.

1. Aggression Analytics & Bullying Prevention:

At school, the only thing students should be thinking about are their next test or making it to class before the late bell. They shouldn’t be worried about bullies and other threats. The proactive audio analytics by Sound Intelligence integrates with your Milestone XProtect® system, using cameras to pick up the sounds and visual cues of an impending fight — like yelling, pointing and shoving — to alert faculty, so they can intervene before a kerfuffle becomes a crisis. Plus, the solution can also pick up the sounds of breaking glass and gunshots, helping school staff and first responders pinpoint where threats may be present. (We’ll dive into that more below.)

2. Vape Detection

While students smoking cigarettes may be going the way of cursive writing, young people are still sneaking to the restroom for a little nicotine-induced rebellion — but instead of smoking cigarettes, they’re discreetly vaping. Whether kids are using nicotine or THC vapes in areas of privacy, HALO Smart Sensor can detect environmental changes that occur in places where cameras can’t go.

From vape, smoke, and THC to flammables and hazardous chemicals to changes in temperature, humidity, and more, HALO emails and/or texts notifications to staff, alerting them to the location of the event, aerosol threshold that was surpassed, sensor value, date and time of the event, and more.

3. Pandemic Response Technology

With students back in the classroom — some for the first time, some for their last year — teachers and staff have a big responsibility to make sure everyone has a safe, memorable learning experience. And the biggest way to disrupt that? A COVID-19 outbreak. Luckily, Milestone’s technology can help educators and administrators ensure social distancing, minimize overcrowding and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Integrating with your security system, our video technology can help you identify busy areas with heat mapping and LiDAR sensors, so you can ensure social distancing, keep track of headcounts, limit long lines, control entry and exiting, make sure everyone is wearing face masks, and even screen for high skin temperatures. And that’s just the beginning. Through our solutions, we can help you stop the spread of this virus and the next — all while ensuring your students and staff are making the most of every moment.

4. Access Control

Whether it’s kids heading to homeroom or college students going to their dorm for the night, you want to make sure the students under your care are where they’re supposed to be — and no one can get in who shouldn’t be allowed. By combining video technology with expert access control solutions, you can proactively monitor, manage, and secure all points of entry in real time, all from one location. Designed to keep your entryways welcoming and secure, access control offers maximum protection from outsiders getting in while keeping truancy at bay.

5. Gunshot Detection

Teachers and administrators hope for the best for their students — and they strive every day to create environments where students’ minds can thrive and they can realize their dreams. But part of hoping for the best means preparing for the worst. With Convergence to Pixel’s (C2P) Gun Shot Detection integration, your school can be ready to protect students in the unlikely event of an active shooter.

Coordinating the C2P’s GPS event data with XProtect-enabled Cameras, the integration makes available footage from the closest camera(s), for administrators and first responders, while also pinpointing gunshot events on a map. That gives school staff and first responders the ability to see what is happening in real time, while also recording and making video footage available for future review— providing invaluable information that can save lives.


Students face a lot of pressure in today’s world — from getting into college and making the sports team to social drama and their next big exam. But with every technological breakthrough, Milestone is enabling your fellow administrators and educators to help keep students safe, so they can focus on those everyday moments where they can learn, discover and thrive.

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