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Version Comparison Tool
Are you up to date?
To find out which product and version you have, look in the title bar of the application that you use to administer your system.
You cannot use the information shown by XProtect Smart Client.
Want to be up to date? Consider Care Plus


   Recurring product updates

  Proactive system health monitoring

  100% trade-in discount when upgrading

Already have Care Plus?

You have instant access to new product updates. Contact your reseller to update and safeguard your system to benefit from Milestone's continuous innovative product development.

Don't have Care Plus yet?

Care Plus gives you instant access to recurring software updates. They make your product better, safer and more powerful. Contact your reseller to join the Care Plus program.

Why update your system?

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Optimize total cost of ownership

Repeatedly leverage from every product update intended to make the products better, safer and more powerful.

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Secure technology fit over time

With an updated system you can benefit from new technologies as they arise on the market.

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Secure system starts with an up-to-date system. Care Plus continuously gives you access to new security features to minimize your exposure to risk.

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