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Investigation technology

Prevent history from repeating itself 

When an incident takes place, operators need the best tools and processes in place to understand what happened. Whether it’s for public safety or criminal prosecution, video technology can help you understand why an incident occurred, and how it could be prevented in the future.

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Complete thorough investigations

The process of investigating crimes and other incidents isn’t new, but the tools used to carry out investigations have changed rapidly over the past decade. Today, the technology and tools available to conduct investigations are seemingly endless. A robust technological backbone combined with solid expertise and good partnerships can result in successful and thorough investigations.

Solutions include:
  • Facial recognition to identify suspects and victims
  • Heat mapping to determine where activity took place
  • LPR/ANPR to identify vehicles by license plate numbers
  • Video summary to view key incidents in surveillance footage
  • Traffic management to control and understand traffic patterns
  • Vertical business intelligence for insights on business patterns and trends

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Software & Hardware

Proporcionado por SenSen

Amenaza activa,Más de 1000 cámaras en un solo sistema,Proporcionar el resumen de la situación a los equipos de respuesta,Detección/seguimiento de seres humanos,Gestión de incidentes,Inteligencia artificial

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Software & Hardware

Proporcionado por Forlan GmbH

Amenaza activa,Análisis,Infraestructura crítica,Puertos,Proporcionar el resumen de la situación a los equipos de respuesta,Sistemas de protección perimetral

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Software & Hardware
IronYun Vaidio AI Vision Platform

Proporcionado por IronYun, Inc.

Aeropuertos,Comercios,Control de tráfico,Educación,Infraestructura crítica,Sanidad


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