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Access control
Proactively monitor and manage access to your premises with video management software and other video technology.
Elevate efficiency and security
Remote monitoring
Save money by cutting down on the need for a physical presence to grant access.
Efficient incident investigations
Simplify incident investigation by correlating access events with video.
Reduce false alarms
Security personnel can verify access events visually through video footage.
Real-time protection and management with access control technology
XProtect® Access is an extension to Milestone’s XProtect video management software (VMS) that makes it possible to integrate access control systems into your operations. When installed, you can manage both your video data and your access control system from one centralized interface. This means that you can re-use any access control system you already have and integrate multiple access control systems to fulfil all of your security needs. 

Integrating access control with existing video management software for businesses enables a comprehensive security solution that allows real-time monitoring, automatic event correlation, and enhanced situational awareness. By combining access control data with video footage, security personnel can efficiently investigate incidents, identify individuals, and reconstruct timelines. This integration streamlines operations, allowing for remote monitoring and management, reducing false alarms, and providing a centralized platform for customized alerts. 

This unified approach not only enhances security measures but also facilitates efficient administration, scalability, and future expansion, ensuring a cohesive and responsive security infrastructure.
Frequently asked questions
Commonly asked questions and answers about access control.

What is access control?

Access control is about controlling who can enter physical places, access sensitive data, or use specific software. It ensures only authorized individuals get access through authentication methods, enhancing overall security. This applies not only to digital spaces but also to physical areas like buildings and gates, with systems that can be standalone or integrated networks for scalable security solutions.

Why use access control?

Access control systems are crucial for modern security, offering better protection and detailed information. Unlike traditional keys, they allow personalized and easily adjustable access. The audit trail records entry details for transparency. Access control is more secure than keys, preventing easy copying and ensuring card security. It's an adaptable solution for building security.

Why is access control important?

Access control is important because it allows only authorized people into a building or secured area, preventing unauthorized entry. It's crucial for businesses with employees or visitors, helping regulate access to specific locations and times. By doing so, it safeguards people, property, and assets from potential harm or theft. Additionally, it serves as a safety measure, keeping individuals away from dangerous areas or equipment.

What is mobile access control?

Mobile access control is a modern way of gaining access to spaces using smartphones or wearable tech instead of keys or cards. It can boost security by adding a second form of authentication, cut costs by ditching physical cards altogether, and offer a convenient way for users to enter restricted areas. Digital credentials on personal devices provide extra protection, simple management and an eco-friendly solution.

What is role-based access control?

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a way to control who can do what in a system. People are assigned roles based on their job titles, and each role has specific functions they can do. This helps ensure that employees have access only to the resources necessary for their roles while preventing unauthorized entry. It simplifies administration, adapts to organizational changes, and enhances overall security by aligning access privileges with job functions, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

How does an access control system work?

An access control system determines who can enter a site or building by verifying unique credentials like key cards, PIN codes, or fingerprints. If the presented credentials match those stored in the system, access is granted; otherwise, entry is denied. This system regulates the flow of people, allowing authorized individuals to move freely while keeping unauthorized visitors out.

What kind of information will an access control system provide?

Access control systems provide reports, detailing who accessed where and when with their credentials. Advanced platforms go further, providing additional details like access duration and specific actions taken. This comprehensive data helps monitor and manage user activity, identify patterns, and enhance overall security measures, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making.

What are the best practices for planning an access control system?

To plan an effective access control system, first, you need to determine the size of your facility and how many users you will have, also taking into consideration any plans for future growth. Decide if you want the system to be on-site or in the cloud, based on your needs. Make sure it works with your existing security setup and is easy for users. Check for vulnerabilities and use secure ways to verify users. Train people regularly, choose a system that can grow with your needs, and follow regulations. Following these steps will give you a strong and safe access control system.

Can I integrate access control with other security systems?

Yes, access control can be seamlessly integrated with video management software, video security cameras, intrusion detection alarms, motion sensors and many other systems. This integration enhances an organization's overall security by providing a unified system for quick incident detection and response.

What access control credentials does XProtect Access support?

XProtect Access is an extension that allows customers to integrate their XProtect video management software with third-party access control systems. This means that all of the credentials in the third-party system are also available in XProtect Access.

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