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Putting the AI into Retail - Signatrix docks on CCTV infrastructure, making it ›smart‹ in a matter of weeks.

Signatrix is remaking retail businesses future-proof. Over the past few years, we have assisted thousands of stores and supermarkets in improving their efficiency by handcrafting the tools they need for the digitised future of retail – one by one. We help retail provide the best experience, be it... in-store or omnichannel. Together with our clients, we are working on many more solutions, enabling stores to focus on what has made them so successful in the past: creating welcoming marketplaces for discovery, inspiration, and service with a human touch.

Connecting with your security cameras, we use Artificial Intelligence to analyse whatever is happening in your store — automatically and in real-time. Once Signatrix is put in place, it will integrate seamlessly into your workflows — and deliver immediate results.

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