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Milestone XProtect® to protect the historic Swing Bridge

noviembre 26, 2020
“The unique solution is designed fundamentally to protect an important part of the North East’s industrial heritage.” Jeff Palfreyman, Senior Sales and Development Manager at USS Group  
The Challenge:
The Port of Tyne is one of the UK’s largest and most innovative deep-sea ports. In 2018, the port contributed £621 million to the UK economy and supported 12,000 jobs directly and indirectly.

The port needed a digital solution to improve safety and security at the historic Swing Bridge in the North East of England. The existing video surveillance lacked connectivity and functionality and the Port was looking for a new system capable of identifying security alerts and supporting multiple high-transmission video streams. Also, it needed a way to remotely monitor the Swing Bridge. There was a standalone CCTV system that wasn’t connected directly to the Port of Tyne’s control room. The situation was made more complicated due to the River Tyne’s ‘winding’ course that meant there was no single line of sight available.
The Solution:
USS Group installed cameras across the Swing Bridge and surrounding areas along the quayside and nearby Tyne Bridge and implemented Milestone XProtect to manage the cameras centrally at the Port of Tyne’s headquarters.  

USS Group used its strong existing partnership with Newcastle City Council to gain the permission to utilise existing street furniture and council owned buildings to install a multi-relay wireless link connected to the Port of Tynecreating a unique solution to a complex problem  

Milestone’s XProtect system was chosen due to its ability to connect different cameras. The Swing Bridge had multiple vendor cameras throughout its structure and surrounding it, and the Port needed a way to consolidate the video feeds and data from it. The Milestone XProtect system powers a video wall providing security personnel with up-to-date information from the bridge and rapid alerts of any issues.  

USS Group also implemented a hybrid camera that gives a thermal imaging feed and video stream of the Swing Bridge.   

With the thermal imaging camera and Milestone, the Port’s security team now receives automatic alerts when temperatures and other risks exceed set parameters. 
The Advantages:
Using Milestone XProtect, the Port of Tyne can now manage the security and supervision of the Swing Bridge from its central control room. This has led to greater operational efficiency, and improved safety and security on the bridge  

Through a combination of video cameras, a thermal imaging camera and a 4K camera, the Port of Tyne can now see more than the human eye is capable of seeing.   

Milestone XProtect enables the Port of Tyne to scale up its video and overall security system in the future. It can add more cameras, differentiated cameras, alarms and lights if needed. The XProtect systems camera, alarm and sensor technology can adapt to changing requirements as needed. 
The unique solution is designed fundamentally to protect an important part of the North East’s industrial  heritage.
Jeff Palfreyman of USS Group
Open platform fulfills the requirements
Milestone XProtect’s open platform enabled the Port to connect disparate vendor cameras together into one easy-to-use system for its security personnel. This includes a thermal imaging camera and 4K camera that gives a complete overview of the entire Swing Bridge. Mobotix M16, Sony SNC VB642 (for low-level light) and Axis cameras were used.  

A video screen allows for quick identification of potential dangers or fire risks. Information is relayed via street furniture back to a remote control room based in the port’s headquarters. Automatic alerts triggered by Milestone XProtect draw attention any unusual activity enabling the port to respond to the situation quickly. The technology also enables the Port to speak directly to intruders or unidentified persons on the bridge. 
Technical facts
The system used was Milestone XProtect Corporate, a GDPR-ready IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale and high-security installations.   

It is coupled with a point-to-point wireless infrastructure that relays information back to a remote control room location.  

Cameras are located on the Swing Bridge, the surrounding quayside and on the nearby Tyne Bridge for a high-level overview. These include a hybrid thermal imaging and video camera and a 4K camera to give a full overview with zoomed-in detail of the entire bridge. 
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