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How a vibrant community is scaling up peace of mind by scaling out their video

julio 07, 2021
When a person or family has been the victim of a crime, what they long for most is a clear response from authorities. With this in mind, the Buenos Aires district of Vicente López developed a project dedicated to increased security through technological transformations in their existing video system.
Secretariet of Security, district of Vicente López
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Camera count
1,100+ from Axis, Bosch and Pelco
Milestone software
XProtect® Corporate VMS platform
AgentVI video analytics, Amped IV forensics, BriefCam synopsis, Neural Labs
Exanet S.A.
Challenge: Help citizens feel safe in the streets

Dedicated to preserving the security and well-being of its residents, Vicente López faced the need to modernize, expand and unify its video surveillance and monitoring.

After the introduction of several new public security policies, a project to transform the district into a more secure and intelligent community began. In addition to capturing criminal activity, the project’s main goal was to reduce crime through preventive measures.

The district also aimed to unify the technological tools they use. Because of the platform’s ability to support the multiple existing security systems, Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) was the clear choice to manage the project’s demands.

Solution: Local and central control
  • Milestone XProtect Corporate, Smart Client, Mobile Client
  • Dome, fixed, PTZ and anti-vandalism video cameras from Axis, Bosch and Pelco
  • Video analytics, synopsis and forensics with integration of Agent Vi, Amped IV, BriefCam and Neural Labs software
  • Efficient implementation and maintenance by Exanet S.A.
  • Flexibility to keep scaling the system for ongoing innovations
An urban monitoring center is at the heart of the video system, supported by ten local preventive detachments that rely on their respective monitoring centers. This decentralizes security control to key areas in the district with distributed VMS architecture and central overview.

The Vicente López system is connected by fiber optics, which move captured video images through the network to a main monitoring unit with a data center and storage servers. Footage is typically stored for 30 days, unless otherwise dictated by local authorities.

There are over 1,000 cameras in public channels and another 100 cameras connected to local security guards and civil defense cell phones, as well.
Result: Neighborhood watch 24/7
One of the biggest changes in the daily operations of local authorities is being able to use integrated solutions such as video analytics technology, which has led to better results in terms of crime prevention and decision making. These analytics reduce citizens’ wait times in a variety of circumstances, speeding up investigations and resolutions.

The open design of the VMS platform is adaptable and thereby long-lasting, which guarantees its use in future government administrations and public policies. According to district authorities, the objective has been to have a video surveillance system with 1,500 cameras that record in full HD, 365 days a year.

At the outset, one of the project’s biggest challenges was being financed by resident taxpayer’s money, and for this reason every decision was made very carefully. Local administrators are most happy that the project was successful in combining the human element with Milestone’s well-applied, advanced technology to guarantee the community’s well-being today and for years to come.
As a local government, we must work to ensure that people live better every day, and we can do so by employing trustworthy, high-quality technology like the XProtect platform.
Santiago Espeleta, Vicente López’s Secretary of Security
About Vicente López
Vicente López is one of 135 districts that make up the Buenos Aires province. In recent years, the flow of population that moves through the district has risen considerably. Thousands move through the area on their way to and from the federal capital on a daily basis, whether via personal or public transport.
Public transport
three railways and a metro bus line
Size of the District
13 square miles
Number of citizens
300,000 people
Vicente Lopez is one of the country’s most affluent municipalities, known for being the seat of Argentina’s presidential residence and for its coastal park along the River Plate. This cosmopolitan region in Argentina has been nicknamed “The Paris of South America,” and the similarities are many with tree-lined boulevards, striking architecture and an active cultural hub.
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