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Estamos trabajando para que todas las páginas de estén disponibles en tantos idiomas como sea posible. Aun así, este proceso lleva tiempo. Muchas de nuestras funciones están en varios idiomas. Sin embargo, algunas páginas, como esta, aún no están disponibles en su idioma.
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Find what you're looking for, fast
XProtect Rapid REVIEW powered by BriefCam enables you to quickly analyze hours of video content in minutes to locate what you’re looking for. 
Accelerate investigations
Review hours of video in minutes.
Detect patterns efficiently
Analyze footage to spot objects and trends.
Save critical time
Quickly trace missing children’s movements.
React fast to solve and prevent crime
Whether it’s a stolen car or getaway vehicle, XProtect Rapid REVIEW lets you quickly identify it, alert law enforcement and provide evidence to apprehend perpetrators and prevent further crime.
Spot patterns quickly
BriefCam's patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS solution presents objects in a time-compressed video. So you can review hours of footage in minutes and see objects that appear at different times in the video simultaneously — plus quickly link back to the original footage. 
Gain critical time in missing children cases
According to police experts, the first 24 hours are critical for locating missing children. With each passing hour, the likelihood of finding a missing child decreases. XProtect Rapid REVIEW can very quickly provide a trail of digital ‘bread crumbs’, enabling law enforcement to detect the exact time and place where the child was last seen. Vital time is saved, missing children are reunited with their families.
Get the Milestone advantage
Rely on Milestone video technology, with solutions proven in 500,000+ customer sites and 25 years of experience in the industry.
Global partner network
Access the expertise and support of our 11,000+ resellers and integrators worldwide.
Open platform
Get a totally configurable solution with the near-limitless possibilities of our open-platform software.
Future-proof investment
Add and remove devices as your needs evolve with our simple per-device license model.
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