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Software & Hardware

Remark AI

Delivering AI-driven video analytics for enhanced safety, security and identity

Remark delivers an integrated suite of AI solutions that help organizations monitor, understand and act on threats in real-time. Consists of an international team of sector experienced professionals that have created award winning video analytics.

Focus sectors include retail, federal agencies,
... Government organisations, transport, construction and public safety.

Organisations choose Remark for:

* Speeding up investigations
* Improving situational awareness
* Better decision-making based on video data and trends
* Automated workflows
* Real-time monitoring with event alerts

Features include

• Intrusion detection
• People counting
• Behavioral analysis
• Detection of loitering
• Suspicious object detection
• Fire and smoke detection
• Intelligent investigation
• Trespassing detection

Remark AI
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Technology Partner
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Awards and recognition

We have been recognized with the following industry award(s)

Visual Object Tracking (VOT-LT2020), ECCV, 2020
Long-term tracking challenge
Visual Object Tracking (VOT-RT2020), ECCV, 2020
Short-term real-time tracking challenge
Color and depth long-term tracking challenge
ECCV, 2020
Unsupervised Multi-Object Segmentation
DAVIS Challenge, 2019
Visual Object Tracking (VOT), ICCV, 2019
Long-term tracking challenge
Large-scale Video Object Segmentation Challenge
Video Instance Segmentation, ICCV, 2019
Remark AI

Located at:

Reino Unido

London, UK
Reino Unido

Estados Unidos

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Estados Unidos
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New York, NY, USA
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Remark AI
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