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Video technology for schools 

Make every day a safe school day 

Provide a safe and positive environment for students and staff with video technology that’s easy to use. 

Video technology for schools 

Make every day a safe school day 

Provide a safe and positive environment for students and staff with video technology that’s easy to use. 

Stay a step ahead, take control of campus safety 

Students and parents expect school administrators to provide a safe and positive environment for learning. You can provide that with Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS). Easy to deploy and use, XProtect enables you to move your primary or secondary school from prepared to proactive. You can prevent unauthorized access, deter loitering and trespassing and minimize incidents of vaping to foster a safe and positive learning environment. All while ensuring compliance considerations such as the right to privacy.
Watch our video technology in action
Discover how primary and high schools can prioritize safety while respecting privacy. Watch the film to learn more.

One VMS meets multiple needs

Implement user-friendly technology

We understand that your staff may have varying levels of technical expertise. That’s why our video management software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. 

Monitor undesirable behavior

Prevent unauthorized access, deter loitering and trespassing and minimize incidents of vaping to foster a safe and positive learning environment.

Protect student privacy 

Strike the balance between security and privacy. Our software has tiered administrator and user rights, as well as strict IT security procedures. 

How it works
Explore how XProtect provides a safe and positive environment for students and staff. Click on the yellow dots for more information.
Alternate Text
Ensure campus security with authorized-only access
XProtect integrated with access control helps monitor access points in real-time maintaining secure, controlled school access for authorized individuals only.
Quickly locate lost or missing school students
XProtect's Centralized Search and Rapid REVIEW can quickly trace missing students, reducing risks to them, and increasing trust in school safety measures.
Optimize campus usage and environmental conditions
XProtect, with advanced sensor integrations, streamlines facility management, optimizes space utilization, and ensures healthy environments, leading to operational efficiency and cost savings.
Streamline access to parking areas
XProtect's LPR and analytics smartly manage parking, ensuring access for authorized vehicles only, enhancing security, and optimizing spot allocation.
Accelerate emergency response by sharing live video
XProtect provides live video feeds and Milestone Kite sends notifications and alerts, enhancing first responders' situational awareness for swift, effective emergency response.
Resolve incidents quickly with efficient video review
XProtect speeds up incident handling with Centralized Search and Independent Playback. By resolving conflicts quickly, you ensure a safe campus.
Minimize theft and vandalism on campus
XProtect's comprehensive camera coverage and Access Control integration act as strong deterrents, enhancing safety and reducing costs related to property damage.
Clamp down on vaping and substance abuse
Vape and smoke detection sensors integrated with XProtect discreetly monitor and address vaping and substance abuse in schools, maintaining health standards while respecting student privacy.
Enhance safety by reducing on-campus accidents
XProtect's Centralized Search and Independent Playback can identify frequent accident spots and analyze causes, so preventive measures can be taken for student safety.
Improve campus safety with advanced gun detection
XProtect VMS is compatible with third-party gun detection technologies. This combination can improve overall school safety while supplying high-quality video footage for forensic purposes, supporting first responders and investigators.

Meet your school challenges with proven video technology 

Gain a total overview

Report incidents 

Milestone Kite™

Access control

Reduce vaping

Find footage fast 

Gain a total overview 

There are so many moving parts in school operations. Our award-winning XProtect VMS provides a total overview, and helps you make sense of events both during and after an incident. It connects all your cameras and sensors into a single, intuitive interface, along with video analytics, multi-layer maps and floor plans. XProtect also enables collaboration between departments and, as an open platform, it can be easily adjusted and scaled depending on your needs and budget. 

Compile and report incidents 

Video evidence is irrefutable and plays a vital role when investigating incidents of vandalism, bullying, assault or theft. XProtect Incident Manager streamlines documentation and offers an overview of all incidents to improve reporting efficiency. It helps locate evidence, log information, and export reports, supporting investigators and validating claims.
Milestone Kite™, our simple, cloud-based VMS
XProtect is complemented by our cloud option, Milestone Kite. This scalable, plug-and-play VMS is remarkably simple to set up and operate. It’s ideal for institutions where ease of use is a priority. Like XProtect, it’s an open platform, so you can choose from more than 6,000 cameras and a variety of optional analytics. And if you are already using XProtect, Milestone Kite enables you to expand to other sites with minimal effort or investment.

Manage access to your school

Maintaining a secure school environment demands failsafe access control to protect students, staff, and the premises. XProtect Access offers a comprehensive solution for securing school campuses by integrating video management and access control. This allows schools to assign different access levels to staff, students, and visitors, ensuring restricted areas remain off-limits. Schools can monitor access points in real-time and take immediate action if unauthorized attempts are detected, maintaining a safe environment.

Reduce the nuisance of vaping 

Incidents of vaping, smoking, and substance abuse in primary and secondary schools are on the rise. Vape and smoke detection sensors, integrated with Milestone’s XProtect and further enhanced by the cloud-based capabilities of Milestone Kite, offer an innovative solution to this challenge. These devices detect vaping, smoking, and air quality changes without capturing personal information. This makes sensors ideal for installation in restrooms, traditionally a blind spot in video monitoring due to privacy restrictions. When the sensor detects vaping or changes in air quality, it immediately sends alerts to the school staff for intervention.

Find footage fast 

Typically, manual forensic review of archived video footage is time-consuming – the more footage there is, the longer it takes. XProtect® Rapid REVIEW is an extension to XProtect that enables fast, filtered searches across multiple cameras. Swift review of post-incident footage can be used to validate claims, reduce litigation risk, and better understand incidents. It can also provide the data and insights you need to improve security response times. Plus, the intuitive interface means any staff member can make use of it — it’s not just for security personnel.

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