XProtect® LPR

Automate tasks

XProtect LPR helps automate and optimize tasks using automatic vehicle identification.

XProtect LPR is license plate recognition (LPR) software that reads license plate information from vehicles around the world and links the license plate number with video. It is a simple way to identify and control vehicle access, at example, for entrance/exit barriers, parking lots and toll gates.

 XProtect LPR can send a notification when a certain license plate is detected, enabling users to quickly take action. Users can also define positive/negative match lists that will initiate certain actions, such as opening a gate, which increases work productivity and can help automate tasks. With an optimal camera setup, XProtect LPR ensures passing vehicles are identified accurately.

XProtect LPR key features

Loss prevention

Are customers driving away without paying for fuel?
XProtect LPR is an ideal solution for gasoline chains. Using negative lists and third-party integrations, the system can automatically close a gasoline pump if a blacklisted vehicle license plate is recognized at any station in the chain.


Parking management

Is this car covered by a parking subscription?
Instead of issuing toll collection devices such as smart cards or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to people with a parking subscription service, XProtect LPR can automatically open a parking lot gate when a permitted license plate is identified, reducing costs and optimizing processes.


Regulating access

Should this vehicle be granted access?
Access to protected areas and premises can be automatically controlled using XProtect LPR. Flexible match lists make it easy to add license plates belonging to visitors, temporary personnel and delivery vehicles.

XProtect LPR supported license plates

XProtect LPR supports over 100 countries including states and regions around the world and new countries are added continuously. Furthermore XProtect LPR support of large variety of license plate layouts: Single-line, Double-line, Black on White, White on Black, Multicolored etc..

Click to view the total list of supported countries and layouts.

XProtect LPR compatibility chart

XProtect add-onAdd-on descriptionXProtect
Husky M50*
Husky M30*
Husky M10
XProtect LPR
License plate recognition (LPR) software reads license plate information and combines it with video to help automate tasks.    
* Includes Milestone Husky M50 Hybrid and Milestone Husky M30 Hybrid

How to buy XProtect LPR

Buy XProtect LPR for your XProtect software or if you aren't currently using XProtect, you can buy XProtect LPR along with XProtect software. After submitting your information you will be contacted by a Milestone reseller.

Useful information about XProtect LPR

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