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Find supported hardware

Whether you're looking for a specific hardware compatibility or a hardware manufacture XProtect software supports more than 3000 IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders (DVRs) from over 100 manufacturers.

Find supported hardware for XProtect Corporate or XProtect Expert.
Find supported hardware for XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Professional, XProtect Express, XProtect Essential and XProtect Go.
Find supported hardware for Milestone Husky M30 and M50.
Find supported hardware for Milestone Husky M10.
Find supported Joysticks.

Presales support

Visit the Presales support overview page to see all available tools.

Request for Server Specifications
Submit the details of your XProtect® installation to receive server and bandwidth recommendations.

Storage Calculator (JPEG)
Estimate disk space and bandwidth usage for your Milestone XProtect® installation.

Milestone product system requirements

Find minimum system requirements for Milestone products versions 2014 and 2013 R2.

Find minimum system requirements for Milestone LPR 2015.

Milestone products have a lifecycle with four stages: general availability, limited availability, discontinued and terminated.

For more information, read the Milestone product lifecycle.  

Take advantage of the benefits of the fast-growing IP video world with the Milestone Software Upgrade Plan (SUP). With access to the latest technology and features in Milestone software, SUP is the most efficient and cost-effective way to upgrade and expand an installation. SUP gives users the freedom to choose the best solution for today and tomorrow.

Learn more about the Milestone Software Upgrade Plan.

Download the MIP SDK and access the developer forum

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End users
Are you an end user? Please contact your local reseller or system integrator for more support.

System audits
Get the most out of Milestone installations with the pre-project Milestone STAR or the optimal performance Milestone ICON audits.

Milestone Interconnect compatibility
Milestone Interconnect provides surveillance across dispersed sites. See the products that support Milestone Interconnect.

Supported languages
Milestone products support more than 25 languages. Find which languages are supported by each product.