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To get started, just select an XProtect software product below and fill in the form. After clicking the Download XProtect button, you will be redirected to a download page with useful information about how to use your selected XProtect product. Then you can use the software for 30 days before it expires.

You can also download a full version of our software, completely for free! XProtect Go is a free version of XProtect, but in order to ensure continuous system functionality, please register XProtect Go  within 30 days of downloading it, to obtain your full free license.


System requirements: A computer running Microsoft® Windows®. For more information about specific supported versions, please see the product specifiction sheet available in the Resource Library.

Choose an XProtect software product and fill in the form to download
Try XProtect® Corporate free for 30 days
XProtect Corporate is premium, video surveillance software for large-scale, multi-site, high-risk installations and supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites.
Try XProtect® Expert free for 30 days
XProtect Expert is advanced video surveillance software for medium and large, multi-site, centrally managed installations and supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites.
Try XProtect® Enterprise free for 30 days
XProtect Enterprise is video surveillance software for medium and large-scale installations, primarily multi-site, multi-server deployments. It supports an unlimited number of cameras*.
Try XProtect® Professional free for 30 days
XProtect Professional is comprehensive video surveillance software for mid-sized installations with up to five servers supporting up to 64 cameras per server*.
Try XProtect® Express free for 30 days
XProtect Express is affordable video surveillance software that supports up to 48 cameras. It is ideal for businesses that want to incorporate video into their everyday operations*.
Try XProtect® Essential free for 30 days
XProtect Essential is entry-level video surveillance software for small businesses that require basic, yet effective surveillance. It can manage up to 26 surveillance cameras*.
XProtect® Go free download
XProtect Go is free video surveillance software designed for small businesses and private residences that is quick to install and easy to use. It supports up to eight cameras, one user and retains video for five days.
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* The 30-day trial versions of XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Professional, XProtect Express and XProtect Essential are fully functional but they do have various limitations compared to the full version of the software, for example the number of cameras you can record from simultaneously is reduced.


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