Storage Calculator (MPEG4)

Estimate disk space and bandwidth usage for your Milestone XProtect® installation by filling out the fields below to the best of your ability.

Fill the information below to calculate your needs.

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Please select a calculation Based eother on the bitrate or the resolution and image rate.
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Please enter the days to store (archives and current day).
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Please enter the percentage of time with motion (100% if recording all images).
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Disk space (GB)
Bandwidth (Mb/s)

If you know, based on experience or based on experiment, what is a good bitrate to use, using the bitrate is the best way to calculate. If you only know what resolution and frame rate, you can estimate the bitrate. Remember that a live test is even better. Image sizes will depend heavily on motion. Make sure to add a big overhead if you estimate a system without being able to do live testing.