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XProtect® Essential is video surveillance software for small businesses, like shops and offices, that require basic surveillance capabilities

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XProtect Essential is easy and affordable open platform video management software (VMS) for single-location businesses that require basic surveillance. It is ideal for installations that primarily capture video recordings of incidents and reactively conduct investigations.

An entry-level product, XProtect Essential allows users to effortlessly add cameras and quickly find and export video sequences with easy-to-use video search tools. It can manage up to 26 surveillance cameras and supports five concurrent users.


XProtect Essential is compatible with Milestone Interconnect allowing multiple XProtect Essential sites to be connected to an XProtect Corporate system. Milestone’s online system monitoring service, Customer Dashboard, enables resellers to obtain real-time status updates of their customers' installation and ensure optimal system operation.

XProtect Enterprise

XProtect Essential capabilities

Easy to setup and maintain

  • Automatic configuration wizard: A unique wizard sets up your system and removes time delays and challenges during initial XProtect VMS deployment 

  • Automatic camera discovery: Automatically detects and configures new cameras that are added to an existing system, enabling users to quickly expand their installation

  • Software Upgrade Plan (SUP): A one-year SUP enables users to immediately gain access to new features in new software versions and easily upgrade to a more advanced XProtect solution if your needs change 

Immediately identify problem areas

  • System alarms: Ensure system components are running properly with system alarms which alert when issues, such as malfunctioning cameras and storage servers, are detected

  • Remote response: Users can quickly address issues at all times with the ability to access video and respond to incidents from various locations using computers and mobile devices

  • Built-in motion detection: Cameras in the system can record video when specific motions are detected, such as person/s entering the building at night, ensuring users have video footage of potential incidents

xprotect essential

xprotect essential

Easily locate and distribute video evidence

  • Find evidence: Efficiently find video footage of incidents by searching for motion in one or more areas of video from a specific camera

  • Sharing: Easily share evidence exports, such as video or images, via a media player, email and MMS

  • Evidence viewer: The XProtect Smart Client – Player allows third-parties, such as law enforcement, to quickly and easily view footage of incidents and re-export the essential evidence


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Milestone Interconnect

Did you know this product can interconnect with XProtect Corporate? Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites. Click here to learn more about Milestone Interconnect.

Milestone XProtect Product information kit

XProtect Product Information Kit – Now available

We’ve made it fast and easy to get product information.  Download a new sales or technical product information kit with detailed information about each XProtect product.  You can also have the entire kits or specific material sent to your inbox.  Download one now!

Three powerful ways to view your XProtect Essential system for free

XProtect Smart Client
XProtect Web Client
Milestone Mobile
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XProtect Essential is easy to use with three free, flexible interfaces - XProtect® Smart Client is the daily client interface for control over the entire installation. XProtect® Web Client lets you view, play back and share video on web browsers and computers. Milestone Mobile is for viewing and controlling video from smartphones and tablets.

Free add-on software: XProtect Screen Recorder

 XProtect® Screen Recorder allows you to inconspicuously capture screen recordings of any Microsoft® Windows-based PC or point-of-sale terminal to monitor transactions and train staff.

Find hardware for
XProtect Essential

XProtect Essential works with the industry's widest choice of hardware for effective surveillance, including cameras, encoders, DVRs and joysticks.

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Having issues? Find answers to your XProtect Essential questions by visiting Milestone Technical Support for access to support tools such as forums, user manuals and articles.

Where can you buy XProtect Software?

Find your local Milestone reseller. Thousands of Milestone resellers around the world can help you find the Milestone XProtect software that is right for you.


Milestone open platform - What are the benefits if you choose XProtect software?

Milestone XProtect VMS is based on a true open platform, which means you can use cameras and hardware from many different manufacturers. You can also create best-in-class surveillance solutions by adding custom functionality to your system, such as access control, building management and video analytics. Learn more about open platform benefits.