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XProtect Smart Client
XProtect Web Client
Milestone Mobile

Three new powerful ways to enhance
your XProtect video surveillance

Milestone is proud to offer users three flexible ways to view surveillance: XProtect Smart Client, Milestone Mobile and the new XProtect Web Client. With the ability to access video from various locations, as well as computers and mobile devices, there is an XProtect client to suit all users' needs.


XProtect® Smart Client for easy management of installations

XProtect Smart Client is an easy-to-use client application that provides intuitive control over security installations. It gives seamless access to live and recorded video, instant control of cameras and connected security devices, and a comprehensive overview of recordings.
Available in 26 languages, XProtect Smart Client has an adaptable user interface that can be optimized for individual operators’ tasks and adjusted according to specific skills and authority levels. Click to learn more about how XProtect Smart Client features can help you.

Milestone Mobile keeps you close to what's important

View your XProtect® system from almost anywhere on your smartphone or tablet with Milestone Mobile. Designed by Milestone, Milestone Mobile is an application that can be downloaded for free and works seamlessly with all
XProtect video management software (VMS) products. Click here to learn more about Milestone Mobile and get links to download it from Google Play, App Store℠ and Windows Phone Store.



XProtect® Web Client connects anywhere through browsers

XProtect Web Client is a simplified, intuitive web-based client application for XProtect® IP VMS for viewing, playing back and sharing video. XProtect Web Client provides instant access to the most commonly used surveillance functions, and it is quick to learn and simple to operate for users of all levels. Click to learn more about XProtect Web Client.

Download XProtect Smart Client, Milestone Mobile
and XProtect Web Client - all for free

XProtect Client Overview chart

(1) This function is currently not available for Windows Phone 8.