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XProtect® Transact

Verify transactions

XProtect Transact helps retailers identify problems involving POS and ATMs, to reduce shrinkage and fraud and provide a safe shopping environment.

XProtect Transact

Whether your challenge is shrinkage, fraud or simply providing a safe shopping environment, XProtect Transact will help you identify problems involving point-of-sale (POS) systems and automated teller machines (ATMs).

By providing a time synchronized interface linking receipt data together with corresponding video, it is easy to monitor transactions. XProtect Transact provides users with valuable evidence that can be easily exported for use in legal disputes or distributed to public authorities. It enables you to solve a multitude of problems facing your store operations.



Can you use video surveillance to detect fraud?

Video and transaction receipts can be displayed alongside one another so you can easily verify if goods are being scanned correctly.

Reacting on
specific items

Can you be notified when certain products are sold?

With XProtect Transact you can receive a notification each time specific products are scanned in a POS system. This notification can also trigger an event in the software to change frame rate, start recording or move a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to a fixed preset, ensuring you record video evidence of the incident.


Can you verify the method of payment?

XProtect Transact gives you the capability to search for specific text strings in the receipt lines from a cash register. The search results provide you with a time-synchronized interface displaying the video from the corresponding camera at that exact time. With XProtect Transact you can quickly visually verify a transaction in which employees applied discounts or gift cards.

How to buy XProtect Transact

Buy XProtect Transact for your XProtect software or if you aren’t currently using XProtect, you can buy XProtect Transact along with XProtect software. After submitting your information you will be contacted by a Milestone reseller.

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