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XProtect Central

XProtect® Central provides continuous monitoring of alarm status, enabling alarm centers and system integrators to manage  alarms from independent installations

XProtect Central


XProtect Central enables alarm centers and system integrators to manage and monitor alarms from a set of independent, supported XProtect installations.

XProtect Central provides continuous monitoring of alarm status from XProtect servers, video surveillance cameras and external devices. This powerful solution gives you an instant overview of possible technical problems and alarms so you can immediately verify and resolve incidents fast.

XProtect Central provides instant verification by accessing video through hierarchical, multi-level maps, making it easy to navigate and identify an incident location and the system entities involved.

XProtect Central also provides immediate notification through visual and audible alerts that help make busy alarm centers more responsive.

XProtect Central features

React to

Can you see when one of your customers’ cameras has gone down or if the Recording
Server at one of your customers' installations is running out of disk space?

XProtect Central allows you to monitor a set of independent XProtect installations. If a unit has failed or is reporting issues, the exact location of the problem will display on hierarchical, multi-level maps, allowing you to easily send a technician to fix the problem.


Do your employees have different skills for handling different types of alarms?

In large installations or in alarm centers, the workload of managing and handling alarms can be spread over several security operators. This allows each operator to re-assign incoming alarms to colleagues who have the right skills for handling different types of alarms.


How to buy XProtect Central

Buy XProtect Central for your XProtect software or if you aren’t currently using XProtect, you can buy XProtect Central along with XProtect software. After submitting your information you will be contacted by a Milestone reseller.

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