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xprotect add on products

Choose XProtect® add-on software to gain extra functionality and create a complete surveillance software solution 

Milestone has specially designed and developed all XProtect add-on products so they fully integrate with XProtect VMS and the Milestone Husky™ series. XProtect add-on products are separate software components installed on top of your existing Milestone video system, giving you extra value and functionality. You can create custom surveillance solutions for specific industry needs. For example, you can link transaction data from cash registers with video to optimize retail operations, allowing you to use your video system for more than just security matters. Click on one of the products below to learn more:

XProtect LPR

Perform LPR

XProtect Transact

Verify transactions

XProtect Retail

Transaction analysis

XProtect Smart Wall

Advanced video wall

XProtect Access
Control Module

Manage Access

XProtect Screen Recorder

Monitor computers

XProtect Plug-ins

Plug-in integrations

XProtect Utilities

System maintenance