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XProtect Input Unit Plug ins

Ready-to-use XProtect® Plug-ins integrate input units and software into XProtect software for added functionality

XProtect Plug-ins

XProtect Plug-ins are developed by Milestone to add additional capabilities to XProtect video management software (VMS). There are two different types of plug-ins, Input Unit Plug-ins and Software Plug-ins. XProtect plug-ins work with XProtect® Corporate, XProtect® Enterprise, XProtect® Professional, XProtect® Express and XProtect® NVR. For specific product version support, please read each plug-in description.


XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins integrate a range of input units, such as keypads, jog dials and joysticks, that are used as a single point of operation for XProtect® Smart Client. XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins are ready to use because they have a default configuration when installed. However, the functionality is flexible and can be reconfigured to perform a wide range of actions such as switching views, performing pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) operations, navigating in playback timelines and triggering outputs.

XProtect Input Unit Plug-in settings are stored within the XProtect Smart Client configuration. The plug-in supports both global configuration as well as individual user configuration so you can customize the plug-in functionality for different users.

XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins are compatible with XProtect Smart Client 6 and higher.

Plug-ins are currently available for the following input units:


American Dynamics ControlCenter 300
AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board*
BOSCH IntuiKey Series keyboards
Panasonic System Controller WV-CU950
Pelco KBD300A Keyboard


XProtect Software Plug-ins integrate third-party systems directly into XProtect Smart Client, allowing users with multiple security systems to combine them into one unified interface. A unified client application is not only more efficient, it also requires less training for new personnel.

The following plug-ins are currently available:


Paxton Access Integration Solution
The Milestone Paxton Integration Solution combines Paxton Access Net2 access control monitoring with XProtect VMS. The integration solution allows users to control access and monitor video from one interface, eliminating the need to run two separate ap­plications for daily monitoring and control.

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*The AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board consists of three units – AXIS T8311 Video Surveillance Joystick, AXIS T8312 Video Surveillance Keypad and AXIS Video Surveillance T8313 Jog Dial. The AXIS Video Surveillance T8311 Joystick is configured and controlled via Microsoft® Windows.