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2014 release of Milestone products

Milestone has new and updated products for the entire Milestone platform of solutions. Hear from top Milestone management about our exciting new product releases.

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The Power of Choice

Milestone continually strives to make XProtect IP video management software (VMS) easy to use, and now we offer three flexible ways for users to view surveillance: XProtect® Smart Client, XProtect® Mobile and the new XProtect® Web Client. Depending on where you are and what features you need, you can choose what mobile device or computer you prefer to use and whether you want to access XProtect VMS on-site, off-site or on-the-go. And because all of our clients are free of charge, you can use all three or any combination of the clients based on your preferences.

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Turn a challenge into a chance 

Our partners make Milestone more dynamic and integrations into XProtect's open architecture push the limits of what is possible. Milestone's XProtect software is monitoring the entrance gates of Kruger National Park in South Africa with a license plate recognition integration to protect animals from known poachers. XProtect® Corporate is protecting the city of Minneapolis by collecting video from cameras spread across the city that can be viewed together at monitoring locations. Alarm handling and evidence creation is integrated into the solution.

XProtect - Quick and easy to deploy

Milestone has redefined the process of installing, configuring and using an IP video solution. Watch to see how easy it is to successfully deploy a Milestone XProtect video management software solution.

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Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Interconnect is a unique system concept that connects all XProtect®video management software (VMS), Milestone Husky NVRs and Milestone Arcus appliances with Milestone's premium software XProtect® Corporate. Milestone Interconnect links cost-efficient remote Milestone solutions with the advanced surveillance functions of XProtect Corporate in one cohesive and powerful security solution. Milestone Interconnect is the ideal solution to centrally manage installations for a variety of industries, such as retail, transportation and monitoring stations.

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XProtect® Mobile - What's important to you?

Now you can view your XProtect® system from almost anywhere on your smartphone or tablet with the new XProtect Mobile. Designed by Milestone, XProtect Mobile is a new application that works seamlessly with all XProtect video management software (VMS) products and is currently available as a download from the Android™ Market and will be downloadable from the Apple® App Store in spring 2012. With instantaneous access to your XProtect surveillance system from almost anywhere around the globe via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections, you can view and playback video from your cameras, helping you see what’s important to you. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. 

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Milestone Husky - Unleash the Power

Milestone is pleased to introduce the all-new Milestone Husky series of NVR appliances. Strong, performance-optimized NVR solutions that never compromise on quality. The innovative Milestone Husky series of appliances is the result of challenging the convention and delivering a more powerful, all-in-one solution with optimized processing power to meet the stringent demands of any surveillance environment. The Milestone Husky series will be available in three different form factors and seven pre-configured models. The Milestone Husky M10 is a sleek, fanless model, the Milestone Husky M30 is a high-performance desktop model, and the Milestone Husky M50 is a rack-mounted unit. The Milestone Husky series will be offered in custom-build versions with more than 50 individual configurations.

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Milestone Customer Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard is an online system monitoring service that enables resellers to obtain real-time status updates of their customers' installations. With this monitoring system, resellers can keep track of even the simplest issue on a customer's installation and proactively solve it before it becomes a problem to the user.

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Milestone Arcus - Just the beginning

The embedded video surveillance platform, Milestone Arcus was officially launched in March 2013. By the very nature of the agile development team, the product has also evolved rapidly since its inception. We showcase what makes Milestone Arcus unique, the current partners and offer a glimpse into some of the features soon to be released.

Feature Demonstrations

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Industry solutions using XProtect® Access Control Module

The new XProtect Access Control Module unites access control and video into one powerful solution. It is an add-on product that enables easy integration of third-party access control solutions with Milestone video management solutions. Find out how this new product can be used in different industries to monitor and regulate access.

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Evidence collection process

The XProtect® Smart Client is an easy-to-use client application for all XProtect®video management software that provides intuitive control over security installations. This video shows some of XProtect Smart Client's exciting and powerful features for monitoring video, addressing alarms, investigating incidents and exporting evidence.

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Edge Storage

Edge Storage is a safeguard feature for XProtect® Corporate that allows cameras to function as failover devices. Edge Storage provides uninterrupted audio and video recording in the event of network or server failure, minimizing the risk of losing data. Ideal for airports and high-security deployments, the Edge Storage solution is optimal for installations that demand continuous availability of critical video and for installations that have unstable network connections.

Customer Stories

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Minneapolis Police use XProtect to Fight Crime

City of Minneapolis uses XProtect® to help solve crimes. A CBS Minnesota news report describes how Minneapolis police are using XProtect video management software (VMS) to help catch criminals in the act. For more information about the City of Eyes story.

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City of Galway, Ireland

Watch the video demonstrating how the City of Galway effectively uses Milestone XProtect® Enterprise to manage traffic cameras across the city.

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Western Kentucky University grows with Milestone

Open platform enables Software-as-a-Service for multiple campus initiatives; IT network team performs the roles of consultant, installer, integrator and central system management.

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University of East Anglia grows with Milestone

The University of East Anglia uses Milestone XProtect software to monitor and protect its students and buildings on campus.

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St Andrews Medical School, UK

Milestone's customized XProtect® video platform for St Andrews Medical School empowers learning and aids in the development of students' practical skills.

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Jefferson County Waterways Manage Vessel Traffic

Milestone's XProtect Enterprise surveillance solution combined with cameras from Axis Communications and Sony secures the 55 mile Sabine-Neches Waterway through Jefferson County, Texas. Installed by Knight Security Systems, this solution empowers the sheriff's department and port authorities with 24 hour monitoring and instant access to video from anywhere, to allow for efficient response to incidents and smooth operation of the port and waterway.

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Statue of Liberty Upgrades to State-of-the-Art Video Security System from Total Recall

Total Recall Corporation, a video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, has brought together nine state-of-the-art technology vendors to deliver an award-winning IP-based, digital video surveillance solution used by the U.S. Park Police, National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of Interior (DOI) to enhance public safety and improve operational efficiencies at the recently renovated Statue of Liberty National Monument and Liberty Island.

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Paul Smith

Milestone XProtect® Corporate open platform IP video management software (VMS) with XProtect® Smart Client and network cameras from Axis Communications are being deployed across all of Paul Smith's 45 stores as part of the UK-based retailer's first comprehensive, company-wide IT refresh.

Milestone Events

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Milestone Integration Platform Symposium 2014

Check out some of the highlights from MIPS 2014 where a record number of exhibitors and partners gathered to network, see the latest in innovation and ask the question - Why Compromise? For details about MIPS 2015, contact Milestone Systems, U.S. office.

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Milestone Partner Open Platform (MPOP) Days: France

The MPOP Days 2013 in France brought the entire Milestone ecosystem together, enabling participants to discover the business opportunities with XProtect.


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Technical demonstration of XProtect® Access Control Module

The new XProtect Access Control Module unites access control and video into one powerful solution. It is an add-on product that enables easy integration of third-party access control solutions with Milestone video management solutions. Hear from our chief architect for the Milestone Integration Platform to learn about how this exciting new product works.

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How to upgrade XProtect® video management software

Upgrading your XProtect video management software (VMS) is an important and crucial part of maintaining your video installation. Find out how easy it is to update and upgrade all XProtect Professional VMS Products 2014.

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Using location metadata in Video Push

With Video Push in Milestone Mobile, users can push live video from the mobile device into Milestone software. The pushed video can correlate with its GPS position on the map feature, beneficial for documenting the location of the pushed video.

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Configuration wizards for Milestone XProtect®

Watch this tutorial for a quick introduction to the configuration wizards for hardware, video storage, motion detection and user access.

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Guide to Milestone Online Advanced Re-certification Test

Watch this guide to see how you prepare for the Milestone Online Advanced Re-certification Test. We demonstrate how to create an account, how to sign up for a test and how to prepare your workstation. We also introduce you to the test procedure and what to do before, during and after the test.

What our partners say

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Milestone Arcus® - Into the Future

Hear what Milestone Arcus's partners have to say about their embedded solutions and joint partnership with Milestone.

Video Tutorials

Watch helpful video tutorials and learn how to use the range of XProtect products.