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Product Lifecycle

Milestone products have a lifecycle with four stages: general availability, limited availability, discontinued and terminated

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Find minimum requirements for Milestone products

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Supported Languages

Milestone Products support more than 25 languages. Discover which languages are supported by each product

Milestone Interconnect Compatability

Milestone Interconnect connects remote sites for cost-efficient distributed video surveillance

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Milestone CARE

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  Need Technical Support?

  Login to the Milestone CARE™ Portal for
  assistance with your Milestone product.

                       Milestone Systems support


  Technical assistance is available for CARE           Premium and CARE Elite customers. If you are a
  CARE Basic or CARE Plus customer, please contact
  your reseller or installer.



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Contact Milestone Support     

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  Technical assistance available for registered
  Milestone Partners.



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Milestone CARE

Milestone CARE ensuring the optimal 
performance of your Milestone installation 

Milestone CARE is a complete suite of operational maintenance and support services supplementing the support you receive from Milestone’s broad and highly qualified network of resellers and integrators. Milestone Care consists of four different service packages uniquely designed to provide your business with the protection it deserves.

Now and in the future.

Find out more about CARE