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Manuals and guides

Welcome to the Manuals and Guides section, where you can download manuals and guides for Milestone software in the language you need. Be sure to choose your download location before you click “Filter”. This will speed up the process of finding the document you need. 

Hangi cihaz paketi kurulum programına ihtiyaç duyduğunuzu kontrol etmek için, cihaz paketi sayfasına gidin
[Collapse]Husky M20
 Smart Client User's Manual2017 R14,74 MB
 Milestone Husky M20 Hardware And Service Guide2017 R1388,38 KB
 Milestone Husky M20 Administrator's Manual2017 R13,38 MB
 Smart Client User's Manual2016 R23,26 MB
 Milestone Husky M20 Quick Start Guide2016 R21,17 MB
 M series to X series Migration Guide 633,69 KB
[Collapse]Husky M30
 Smart Client User's Manual2017 R14,74 MB
 Smart Client User's Manual2014 (8.6d)3,00 MB