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video surveillance system

XProtect® Corporate

When you need a mission critical, 24/7 security solution

High-performance IP video management software

XProtect Corporate is IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale and high-security installations. It is built with innovative technology designed to ensure end-to-end protection of video integrity and boost the overall performance of your system with hardware accelerated video decoding. In addition to central management of all servers, cameras and users in a multi-site set-up, XProtect Corporate includes an integrated video wall for operators demanding supreme situational awareness of any event. The software supports failover recording servers, making it the perfect choice for mission-critical installations that require continued access to live and uninterrupted video recordings. Running on the industry’s best performing recording engine with a recording rate of minimum 3.1 Gbit/s, XProtect Corporate is ideal for installations with 24/7 operation requirements, such as airports and casinos.


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Download sales or technical product material with
detailed information about this XProtect product.
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XProtect Expert denemesini deneyin
Experience all the benefits of XProtect Expert
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Ürün Bilgileri Kiti

Download sales or technical product material with
detailed information about this XProtect product.
30 günlük ücretsiz
XProtect Expert denemesini deneyin
Experience all the benefits of XProtect Expert
and try a free trial for 30 days!

Reliable high-performance surveillance software

  • High performance recording server: building on a native 64-bit windows implementation and an highly optimized database technology with RAM-based pre-buffering, the recording server supports minimum 3.1 Gbit/s recording rate

  • Hot standby Recording Servers: maintain video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption and video loss in the event of network problems, server failure, loss of power or any other system problem

  • Edge Storage: uses camera-based storage as a complement to the central storage in the recording servers, with flexible video and audio retrieval based on time schedules, events or manual requests, including the ability to combine centrally and remotely stored video using Scalable Video Quality Recording™ (SVQR).

  • Hardware accelerated video decoding: support for NVIDIA© and Intel© Graphics Processing Units (GPU) video decoding allows you to truly maximize the potential of your system. By shifting the video decoding from the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to the GPU you get better performance (more connected cameras per server and smoother video watching of more streams in the Smart Client) without having to purchase new systems. This results in higher performance, a lower CPU load and great savings.

Ideal for large-scale and distributed surveillance operations

  • Unlimited system scalability: Supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites

  • Centralized single management interface: Provides efficient system administration of all connected cameras and devices, regardless of system size or distribution

  • Customizable user interface: Optimize system management interface for different roles and level of administrative users

  • Advanced rights management: Supports inherited user rights and the ability to assign partial management rights

  • Milestone Interconnect: XProtect Corporate can interconnect with all XProtect VMS and Milestone Husky products providing central operation and cost-effective management of geographically dispersed surveillance sites

  • User permissions: Administrators can control user access permissions on the viewing client level, enabling them to more effectively manage installations with multiple users by assigning the exact level of access needed for each user

Supreme situational awareness

  • Interactive Smart Maps with building support: the ultimate map function that allows you to navigate between buildings, floors and cameras, all in a smooth interface supporting GIS and CAD drawings as well as major online map services such as Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap. Define your building’s layout, upload floor plans, populate cameras and enjoy a seamless user experience while responding to incidents quickly and efficiently.

  • Alarm Manager: provides a consolidated overview of security and system alarms for immediate visual verification

  • XProtect Smart Wall: advanced video wall solution included with the software. It enables control room operators to share a wide range of information, including live and recorded video, images, maps, alarms and text messages, to better coordinate response activities

  • Bookmarking:  flag video sequences of particular interest and add descriptive notes, so users can easily share information. Program the system to automatically bookmark certain events so users can quickly locate them during investigations.

  • Advanced search tools: smart Search and Sequence Explorer allow users to quickly sort through large amounts of evidence

  • Privacy masking: make sure privacy is protected and evidence is available when needed with adjustable user-right protected permanent and liftable masks, ranging from a light-blur to a solid grey

  • DLNA support: display video directly onto any supported TV screen no computer or software needed

Secure and efficient video handling

  • Cost efficient video storage: Multi-stage video storage including video grooming possibilities provide efficient long-term storage, while all video remains online

  • Evidence Lock: Secures availability of recordings for investigations by allowing users to manually extend the retention time by overriding the normal video archiving and grooming policies

  • Video database encryption and digital signing: XProtect Corporate includes several security measures for high-risk installations. The recording database uses AES256 for encryption and SHA-2 for digital signing. Use our System Hardening Guide for best practices regarding secure system design.

  • Strict user rights:  Protect the integrity of live and recorded video by restricting permission to specific cameras, functions and time periods or controlling individual user access

  • Metadata framework: Features generic framework for handling and storing video-related metadata 

  • Two-step verification: Ensures only authorized users can access the installation via the XProtect® Web Client and Milestone Mobile

Product Information Kit

Download supporting or technical product material with detailed information about this XProtect product.

XProtect Corporate videolarını görüntüleyin

Milestone Interconnect™

Milestone Interconnect, tüm XProtect® VYY, Milestone Husky™ NVR'lerini (Ağ Video Kaydedicilerini) gereçlerini, XProtect Corporate ile bağlayan benzersiz bir sistem konseptidir. Milestone Interconnect, perakende, taşımacılık ve gözleme istasyonları gibi çeşitli endüstrilere ilişkin kurulumları merkezi biçimde yönetmek için ideal bir çözümdür.

Smart Wall

XProtect Smart Wall, organizasyonlara belirli güvenlik taleplerini karşılayan video duvarları oluşturmayı sağlayan gelişmiş bir sunum uygulamasıdır. XProtect Smart Wall organizasyonunuza üç ana yolla avantaj sağlayabilir: operatörlerin durum farkındalığını artırarak, verilen kararı geliştiren araçları sağlayarak ve uygun maliyetli bir güvenlik kurulumu oluşturarak.

Extend your solution

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XProtect Smart Client

Zengin özellikli ara birim

XProtect Web Client

Web tabanlı erişim

Milestone Mobile

Hareket halinde gözetim

XProtect Corporate sistemini ücretsiz görüntülemenin üç güçlü yolu

XProtect Corporate’i üç ücretsiz, esnek arabirimle kullanmak kolaydır. XProtect® Smart Client tüm kurulum genelinde kontrol için günlük istemci arabirimidir. XProtect® Web Client web tarayıcıları ve bilgisayarlar üzerinden videoyu görüntülemenize, oynatmanıza ve paylaşmanıza olanak verir. Milestone Mobile akıllı telefonlardan ve tabletlerden video görüntülemek ve kontrol etmek içindir.

XProtect LPR

Görevleri otomatik hale getirin

XProtect Retail

İşlem analizi

XProtect Screen Recorder

Bilgisayarları izleyin

XProtect Smart Wall

Gelişmiş video duvarı

XProtect Access Control Module

Erişimi yönetin

XProtect Transact

İşlemleri doğrulayın

XProtect ek ürünleri size ilave değer ve işlev sağlar

Milestone tüm XProtect ek ürünlerini geliştirmiştir, böylece XProtect Corporate ile tam anlamıyla entegre olurlar. Örneğin, XProtect® Erişim Kontrolü Modülünü kullanarak, XProtect Smart Client içindeki aynı kullanıcı arabiriminden çoklu erişim kontrol sistemlerini çalıştırabilir ve kontrol edebilirsiniz.

XProtect ek ürünleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

Milestone Interconnect uygun maliyetli dağıtık video gözetimi için uzak sahalara bağlanır

Milestone Interconnect, tüm XProtect yazılımlarını, Milestone Husky NVR serilerini ve tümleşik cihazlarını, XProtect Corporate ile karşılıklı şekilde bağlamak için kullanılan benzersiz bir sistem konseptidir. Milestone Interconnect, coğrafi açıdan dağıtılmış kurulumlar için merkezi bir gözetim işlemini gerçekleştirmenin uygun maliyetli ve esnek bir yoludur.

Milestone Interconnect hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

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