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XProtect® Utilities

System maintenance

Developed by Milestone, utilities are free supplementary software components designed to help users easily maintain their Milestone system.

Free Software Manager component

Developed by Milestone, Software Manager provides users with a centralized way of installing, uninstalling and upgrading large-scale, multi-server Milestone installations. With intuitive wizard-based management, users can simply and quickly deploy and upgrade Milestone software from a single application. Tasks in the Software Manager are executed through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or similar technologies.

Software Manager, which is free to use, consists of three main components:

• Package Repository of installers and configuration files
• Software Manager application
• Servers being managed
The Package Repository and Software Manager application can be located on the same computer, and there is no need to install any additional components on the Recording Servers being managed.

The Software Manager works with, and can install or upgrade, the following products/components and newer versions: XProtect® Corporate 4.0b Recording Servers, XProtect® Expert 2013 Recording Servers, XProtect® Enterprise 8.1, XProtect® Professional 8.1, XProtect® Professional + 2017 R2 Recording Servers, XProtect® Express 2013,  XProtect® Express + 2017 R2 Recording Servers, XProtect® Essential 2013, XProtect® Smart Client 6.0d, Device Pack 6.1 and Milestone Husky™ M20, M30, M50, M500 and M550.

The Software Manager can uninstall the following XProtect products and newer versions: XProtect Corporate 5 Recording Servers, XProtect® Expert 2013 Recording Servers, XProtect Enterprise 8.1, XProtect Professional 8.1, XProtect Express 2013, XProtect Essential 2013, XProtect Smart Client 7.0b and Milestone Husky™ M30 and Milestone Husky™ M50.

For more information on how to install the free Software Manager, click here to access the Software Manager manual.

Free System Watch component

Designed by Milestone, System Watch is a free utility that offers installers and operators an additional level of reliability for time-critical and high-risk installations. Using System Watch, security operators are immediately notified by an input/output device, such as a siren or beacon light, when there is a system failure.

System Watch has the ability to detect:

• Hard drive failure, leaving the system unable to store recordings
• Recording server failure, due to events such as a power outage
• Camera failure, due to the inability to communicate with the camera

One System Watch installation can watch a single server. In a setup with a single server, users need to install one System Watch on a PC separate from the server. In a setup with multiple servers, users need one System Watch installation for each server and System Watch can be installed on each of the servers.

System Watch works seamlessly with the following product versions and later: XProtect Enterprise 8.1, XProtect Professional 8.1, XProtect Express 1.1, XProtect Essential 2.1, Milestone Husky™ M20, Milestone Husky™ M30 and Milestone Husky™ M50.

System Watch enables Milestone systems to adhere to the French surveillance regulation APSAD R82.

For more information on how to install System Watch, click here to access the System Watch manual.