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XProtect® Transact

Video enable transactions

Discover the benefits of pairing video with transaction information.

What is XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact is an add-on product for most of our XProtect VMS and Milestone Husky NVRs that matches individual transaction events with corresponding video. XProtect Transact extracts transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), barcode scanning systems and other data systems, and pairs that data with video from the time of the transaction.

XProtect Transact

XProtect Transact

Why should I video-enable my transactions?

Pairing video with transaction information is a powerful tool for those working in the retail or shipping industry. It also has applications for the financial sector as well. By video-enabling your transactions, you can:

  • Investigate suspected fraudulent activity
  • Address product shrinkage
  • Document shipments and track parcels

How can I use XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact is a fully integrated part of the XProtect Smart Client. Through a single interface, you can control your cameras and other security system hardware, and combine the video information with your transaction data. This not only creates a more efficient administrative workflow, it also enables you to:

  • Monitor point-of-sale terminals and cash registers in real-time
  • Search for a specific transaction and the corresponding video of the transaction
  • Set up notifications each time a specific item is scanned
  • Generate reports on transactions, including transaction data and video thumbnails, for documentation purposes

XProtect Transact


How can I get XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact is an add-on product that works together with your XProtect video management software and/or Milestone Husky NVR. It is available for purchase through our network of certified resellers. You can find out more about XProtect Transact by watching our video tutorials below.

XProtect® Transact 2016 R2: Export video and transactions
This video tutorial shows you how to export video, still images, and transactions in XProtect® Smart Client 2016 R2.

XProtect Transact compatibility chart

XProtect Add-onAdd-on descriptionXProtect
Professional &
Express series
Corporate & Expert
XProtect Transact
A time-synchronized interface links point-of-sale receipt data and transactions with corresponding video.    ✓

Note: Husky X series NVRs are compatible with XProtect Transact, but subject to the specific XProtect VMS product being used.

Exact functionality of Transact is determined by the specific XProtect VMS product used and the specific access control product used.

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