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Important info about Milestone Mobile (Android)

Pazartesi, 20 Mayıs 2019

Yazar: Jan Lindeberg

Product News

The Milestone Mobile (recently renamed to XProtect Mobile) application that provides remote access to Milestone XProtect VMS uses Google’s standard Push Notification service to relay and notify mobile users about alarms, as well as access requests occurring in customers’ XProtect video surveillance systems.

Throughout the evolution of Android OS, Google has provided different ways of providing push notifications to Android users, namely the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Service and the newer Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Service.

Older versions of Milestone Mobile (2018 R2 and earlier versions) use the GCM Service, while Milestone Mobile 2018 R3, and later versions, use the newer FCM Service.

Following a deprecation announcement from Google, the GCM Service was shut down on May 29, 2019.

How will this affect users of Milestone Mobile?

Any Android user of Milestone Mobile version 2018 R2, or older version, will no longer receive Push Notifications from their XProtect VMS systems.

Please note that no warnings or error messages will be presented to users of the Milestone Mobile client, or any other users of the XProtect VMS system. As all other functions are unaffected, and the Milestone Mobile application will continue to work as normal, it may be difficult for the end-user to identify that the Push Notification function is not working.

Users of Milestone Mobile on iOS are not affected. 


What should Milestone Mobile users do?

Users running 2018 R2 or earlier versions of the Milestone Mobile application for Android should upgrade to the latest version available in Google Play.

As the Milestone Mobile application is backwards compatible, users can upgrade their Milestone Mobile applications without upgrading the XProtect VMS core system, and without having active Milestone Care™ Plus coverage.

Please note that the latest version of Milestone Mobile for Android requires Android OS 5.0 or later versions. Users with older devices running Android 4.x, or earlier versions can NOT upgrade. Read more about the system requirements for the Milestone Mobile application in the Milestone Product System Requirements.


What should Milestone Channel Partners do?

Milestone is asking resellers and system integrators in the partner community to relay this information to our joint end-customers and help them take appropriate actions to resolve the issue.

Until the shutdown of the GCM Service, Milestone notified affected end-users via push messages to their Milestone Mobile applications. As of the shutdown, no additional notifications or warnings are provided by the XProtect VMS system.


Want to know more?

Milestone has prepared a complete Knowledge Base Article on this subject, providing further information as well as recommended actions to resolve the issue.