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Access Control


You naturally only want approved people entering your site, and at the right times. But managing diverse user access levels and entry times can be a complex challenge.

Give the right access with the right VMS 

Access control is about more than gates and locks. It’s about creating an integrated system of software, hardware, and services that keep people and property safe but is easy to control. Create yours with XProtect®.

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Access control technology ranges from control cards to facial recognition and biometric scanners. Creating your ideal configuration depends upon the type of property and level of security – be inspired by the solution models below.
Tracking & monitoring
Access control
Intrusion & alarms
Vehicles & traffic
Solution model:


Access control can get complicated fast, with some sites requiring multiple clearance levels for individuals and particular areas at certain times of day. Surveillance installations augment access control ones by keeping track of activity throughout the site. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform integrates security applications and devices under one interface.
Solution model:

Tracking & monitoring 

Tracking and monitoring enables sites to keep an eye on the movement of people and vehicles. Visitor management systems can handle access control, including automated receptions, as well as monitor employee and visitor movements within the covered area. The insights collected let you know what your visitor volumes are, and whether your current security or access control is sufficient.
Solution model:

Access control 

The types of access control vary enormously between sites and need to cater to variables such as individual clearance levels and times of day. Mobile phone access, facial recognition, biometrics and sound detectors are just a sample of the kind of functionalities that can work together to ensure the right people have access to the right places at the right time.
Solution model:

Intrusion & alarms

In sites where doors and gates alone can’t control access, you can turn to intrusion monitoring and alarm systems to ensure you are immediately aware of any unauthorized visitor. The options here include intrusion panels, tracking, sound detection and thermal and microwave sensors.
Solution model:

Vehicles & traffic

Vehicles can be monitored just like people and granted or denied access the same way. License plate recognition (LPR) and documentation software lend themselves to a variety of use cases such as basic carpark entry, road tolls and law enforcement. Camera analytics will also detect the presence of vehicles that show up to sites at suspicious times of day.
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2N® IP Intercoms and MilestoneXProtect Integration

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Software & Hardware
6SSLPR: Transportation & Parking Management System

Sağlayıcı 6SS

Transport,Traffic Monitoring,Artificial Intelligence,LPR/ANPR,Traffic Management,System Integration

Software & Hardware
Id-Guard Face Recognition Plugin

Sağlayıcı LLC RecFaces

Cameras,City IoT,City Surveillance,Gather evidence for criminal investigations,Biometrics,Maintenance & Service Contracts

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