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New Online Case Management System

Aralık 08, 2020
Take a sneak a peek into Milestone Support’s new online case management systemproviding you a seamlessly integrated customer experience.
The Milestone web case management system, part of the Milestone Care Portal, is getting ready for retirement and there is a new solution on the way to take its place. 

The new online case management solution provides seamless integration with Milestone Support Community, which enables you, our partners and Care Premium and Elite customers, to do all support related activities in single systemanytimeanywhere. 
What does this mean for you?
  1. Stay informed 
    With our new support community-integrated case portal, it will be easier than ever to create, track and close your support cases. 
  2. Be empowered and make better decisions 
    Request support, locate resources, and share best practices, tips, and ideas with other Support Community members without leaving the community. 
  3. Make use of new functionalities 
    1. Access via web cases to Milestone Support has been extended from Technical Support only to also include Sales Support and Milestone Training Team (EMEA only).
    2. Full visibility of all your cases in My Cases View, no matter the support team the case has been assigned to. 
    3. Improved product categorization. This change helps us ensure we have the proper information to route your cases appropriately and within a timely fashion. 
    4. Keep your colleagues, partners, or customers up to date with the new Case Collaborators section. 
    5. Upload large files to cases (up to 2 GB) 
 The solution is sized and will be ready to be deployed on December 21st. To provide a smooth transition, the old and new solutions will coexist for a limited period, with the plan to retire the Milestone Care Portal afterwards.