Vi håller fortfarande på att lära oss ditt språk

Vi arbetar hårt för att göra alla sidor på tillgängliga på så många språk som möjligt, men processen tar tid. Även om alla våra funktioner finns på flera språk. Vissa sidor, som denna, är inte tillgängliga på ditt lokala språk ännu.
Tack för visad förståelse.


Heat mapping


Keep people safe but moving

Create an environment that allows social distancing
Authorities and transportation companies have a responsibility to ensure that travelers are in a safe environment and have enough free space to move around in. Video analytics based on heat mapping can help with crowd control and provide data that enables you to redirect passengers into less busy areas.
Identify the highest occupancy rates
Start by understanding the flow of people and density levels at your station, recording the length of time people browse, where they linger, and how they choose to exit and enter platforms, etc. Gathering this insight can be done with behavioral data through video technology heat mapping software.
Improve operations through insights
Optimize every aspect of your premises, services and operations using real-time or historical video data. Use it to determine where to deploy personnel, digital signage and other efficiency creating measures such as audio cues.

Heat mapping in practice


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