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Vi arbetar hårt för att göra alla sidor på tillgängliga på så många språk som möjligt, men processen tar tid. Även om alla våra funktioner finns på flera språk. Vissa sidor, som denna, är inte tillgängliga på ditt lokala språk ännu.
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Sometimes things happen

tisdag, 4 december 2018

Författare: Toyah Hunting

Product News

We occasionally experience bugs in our software and perform hotfixes to sort them out before eliminating them in the next of the three product updates we release every year.

We have recently made the following hotfixes and troubleshooting articles. Click on the link to find out what to do if this is a problem you have experienced:

Milestone Mobile Server and use of special characters in the hostname

Smart Client NVIDIA hardware acceleration not working when the "NVSMI" folder is missing

Smart Client: bounding box metadata shown on alarm preview does not disappear

(hotfix for 2018 R3)

XProtect Recording Server 2018 R2 Memory Leak (hotfix)

After upgrade, devices do not appear in the Legacy Device Pack (troubleshooting steps)

After upgrade, devices do not appear in the Legacy Device Pack

Configuring Axis devices with multiplicated I/O ports

Upgrading XProtect Corporate/Expert 2013 to 2016 and newer

How to count devices for each Recording Server separately

Exploring the MIP SDK Tool: View and Window Tool

Smart Client: "Error loading alarms" shown in the Alarm tab

Error: "Failed to configure service account 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'"

MIP SDK plug-ins: remove the plug-ins that you do not use

Which version of XProtect will support Windows Server 2019?

Cannot login to Management Client and Smart Client (IIS issue, port 80)

XProtect Management Client crashes when opening the camera settings tab with Bosch 1-channel devices

How to enable H.265 on XProtect 2017 R2 and older versions?

Basic user authentication not working (XProtect 2016, 2016 R2, 2016 R3)

Exploring the MIP SDK samples: recommended top SDK samples

Issue with Speco Technologies O2iBD3 camera ("No video stream and no connection to camera")

Error: "The MOF compiler could not connect with the WMI server"

XProtect 2018 R3 cumulative patch installers

XProtect Smart Client has very high CPU use during live and playback (integrated Intel Graphics driver)

Using the Milestone Diagnostics tool

Milestone Interconnect sites disconnect and are then unable to reconnect (hotfix)

Input/Output (I/O) configuration for Axis devices

Hikvision Dewarping plugin

Set up DirectShow Driver

Error: "1 is not a supported code page. Parameter name: codepage (mscorlib)." when making a configuration backup from the Management Client (hotfix)

Unable to add Hikvision camera with ONVIF driver

How to locate the version number of your XProtect Device Pack?

Unable to uninstall XProtect software and using the Microsoft tool that fixes problems that block programs from being uninstalled

The Smart Client (2018 R2/2018 R3) crashes when clicking on date/time picker or in the Sequence Explorer tab

Analytics Events using camera hostname return "not known" warning (hotfix)

How to make an XProtect backup in a clustered environment

Display filters for Wireshark Failover Server troubleshooting

Husky updates fail to install (troubleshooting)

Issue: Evidence Locks are duplicated (XProtect Advanced VMS)

XProtect 2017 R3 cumulative patch installers

XProtect 2018 R1 cumulative patch installer (for Management Server, Management Client, and Recording Server) 

XProtect 2018 R2 cumulative patch installers

XProtect Smart Client users cannot login in a large Active Directory environment

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