Vi håller fortfarande på att lära oss ditt språk

Vi arbetar hårt för att göra alla sidor på tillgängliga på så många språk som möjligt, men processen tar tid. Även om alla våra funktioner finns på flera språk. Vissa sidor, som denna, är inte tillgängliga på ditt lokala språk ännu.
Tack för visad förståelse.


New Version of the Axis Optimizer Now Available

fredag, 19 juni 2020

Forensic search of containers

This is an efficient way to find video evidence about freight containers in XProtect using metadata from Vaxtor's VaxOCR Containers, an automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) analytic embedded in Axis cameras. VMS operators save significant time and costs using this serverless, camera-based solution for detection and recognition of container codes based on the international standard ISO 6346.

Horizontal adjustment of dewarped video

AXIS P3807-PVE gives you a great panorama overview. By using the latest Optimizer, you can now also zoom into the details like a virtual PTZ camera. Typically, you mount AXIS P3807-PVE to look more to the ground than the sky which will make the horizon look curved. This plugin adds a horizon calibration that gives a nice view but still getting the optimal coverage.

Embedded web pages in SmartClient

Users can now embed web pages directly in XProtect. This provides many possibilities to improve operations. For example, a VMS operator at a retail store can more closely monitor and control occupancy limits by:

  • Embedding AXIS Store Reporter in one view in VMS view
  • Embedding AXIS Store Occupancy Estimator in a second view
  • Using digital signage to display graphic overlays that offer enter/wait status over regular video streams from Axis cameras
  • Initiating events based on reaching the maximum number of people to either communicate an audio message notification or lock doors via I/O on the camera

Why you should install the Axis Optimizer

AXIS Optimizer unlocks great user experiences and Axis features directly in Milestone XProtect. It is a suite of plugins and features that optimizes the usability of Axis devices in XProtect, e.g. it automates plugin management and ensures users have direct access to the latest Axis innovations. The Optimizer is updated regularly and available for free!