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Need a hotfix?

måndag, 15 oktober 2018

Författare: Toyah Hunting

Company News

We occasionally experience bugs in our software and perform hotfixes to sort them out before eliminating them in the next of the three product updates we release every year.

The Web Client loads and displays views, but streams do not start when used remotely

Changing the camera's internal ID causes the camera to be removed from maps

Using a template to create Data Collector sets in Performance Monitor

System Monitor shows outdated information

After enabling public access, Mobile Server cannot connect to Surveillance Server

SQL user does not have the necessary permissions to access the backup folder

Using hardware acceleration (NVIDIA, Intel) in XProtect Smart Client 2018 R1 and newer versions

How to determine SQL server type?

How to install an XProtect Failover Recording Server in a Workgroup environment?

XProtect Advanced VMS: Evidence Export fails only on some cameras

XProtect Smart Client user cannot see maps and alarms

About licensing of devices with multiple streams (cameras, encoders, etc.)

XProtect 2017 R3 cumulative patch installers (for Management Client, Management Server, and Recording Server)

Error while installing XProtect: 'Installing SQLExpress failed. Error code= -1'

It is not possible to re-export footage exported from the Web Client (hotfix for 2018 R2)

A possible solution to error: "Server cannot connect to camera"

Error: "Database 'Surveillance' is already open and can only have one user at a time."

Audio stops working after some time or device restart (XProtect Professional VMS)

MIP SDK: Recording Server stops, Recording Failover takes over, Smart Client does a reload of configuration and views

Generic Events do not work when the DNLA server is also installed (2018 R2)

How to identify ADAM device models

ADAM outputs "fall asleep" after some time (workaround and hotfix)

Recording does not stop despite motion stopped (XProtect Advanced VMS)

Axis firmware update [archived]

After an upgrade of XProtect VMS to 2018 R3, LPR cameras will be disabled in the Management Client

Media overflows: increase the default frame buffer on the XProtect Recording Server

Encrypting video data with XProtect Corporate and Expert

Video or audio in the XProtect Smart Client is choppy or contains artifacts

"Media overflow" error messages in XProtect System Log

How the number of device changes without activation is calculated? (XProtect Professional, XProtect Express)

Changes without activation (XProtect Professional, XProtect Express)

Change the location of the Log Server SQL in XProtect 2018 R3

Drivers are missing in XProtect Corporate/Expert when adding cameras

Hikvision Dewarping plugin

Device missing from the Hardware Driver list in the Add Hardware Devices wizard

Configuring Wireshark for file transfer monitoring

The ONVIF client cannot display the camera image through ONVIF Bridge (hotfix for 2018 R2)

Management Client 2018 R3 error: 'Administration Client has stopped working' (hotfix)

XProtect Event Server - Log Server communication debugging logs

How to access old logs on a new XProtect 2018 R3 installation

Manually enabling camera streams for the Axis M3047-P

XProtect Event Server Performance Counters set up

XProtect 2017 R3 cumulative patch installers (for Management Client, Management Server, and Recording Server)

XProtect 2018 R1 cumulative patch installer (for Management Server, Management Client, and Recording Server) 

XProtect 2018 R2 cumulative patch installers

XProtect 2018 R3 cumulative patch installers

XProtect Smart Client users cannot login in a large Active Directory environment

Issue: Evidence Locks are duplicated (XProtect Advanced VMS)

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