Vi håller fortfarande på att lära oss ditt språk

Vi arbetar hårt för att göra alla sidor på tillgängliga på så många språk som möjligt, men processen tar tid. Även om alla våra funktioner finns på flera språk. Vissa sidor, som denna, är inte tillgängliga på ditt lokala språk ännu.
Tack för visad förståelse.


New Milestone Developer Forum

lördag, 31 december 2016

Författare: Toyah Hunting

Company News

The new Milestone Developer Forum makes it easier for developers in the open platform community to pose questions to and share inspiration with peers.

What’s new?

We have redesigned our front page, ensured easier access to creating new posts and added Topics for improved search. You can also see a list of which users contribute the most to the Forum.

The Milestone Developer Forum is yet another step in our quest to engage developers in co-creating solutions that will help bring video technology to every corner of the world. This is where you can go to pose questions relating to integrations and solution development based on our API.

Relaunching the Developer Forum is just the first step: More functionality and options will follow throughout 2017.

Go to to join the discussions now.

You can see the Forum and read the posts without logging in. If you want to comment posts or ask questions yourself, you can quickly create a log-in and contribute.