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When an incident becomes evidence

februari 09, 2021
The Axon Incident Manager plugin connects XProtect® to the Axon Incident Management platform. Capture, manage, reconstruct and redact data- and easily share information with a huge network of law enforcement agencies on the platform when an incident becomes evidence.
Streamlining Evidence Sharing with XProtect and Axon Incident Manager
Milestone and Axon have joined forces to offer an exciting new integration that makes it simpler than ever to capture, manage, reconstruct, redact and share your data, video and images for a superior incident and case management experience.

With the new plug-in, users are able to upload content from Milestone XProtect, directly to the Axon Incident Management platform.
When an incident becomes evidence
When incidents are captured in Milestone, and they need to be shared securely, quickly and efficiently with law enforcement, the Axon Incident Manager plugin makes it easy.

The Axon Platform enables streamlined management and sharing of data, whether that data comes from Milestone or Axon cameras.

Using the plugin connects you into one of the largest law enforcement networks in the world, making case management and evidence sharing as easy as the click of a button.
A Real-world Scenario Event Security
Imagine a stadium event where all the fixed cameras are Milestone XProtect® cameras, and the security officers are wearing Axon Body worn cameras. Often, incidents that occur in sports venue are first encountered by security officers and a first person POV is critical in supplementing fixed cameras to accurately tell the complete story.

If an incident becomes a chargeable offense, the body cam footage from security officers can now easily be combined with Milestone fixed camera footage to provide a complete and accurate accounting that can be easily shared with law enforcement and prosecution as needed.

Axon Incident Manager makes private to public sector data sharing easy for multi-jurisdictional events that often involve private security, local PD, Sherriff’s office and DHS.
Key Features
- Upload Directly to the Axon Platform – The integration provides the ability to upload selected XProtect® video assets directly to Axon Evidence.

- Case Creation & Upload – Upload assets from XProtect directly into Axon Evidence cases. New case folders can be easily created inside XProtect®.

- Sensitive Data Redaction – Axon Redaction tools leverage AI to automatically redact sensitive data before it is shared.

- Metadata Synchronization – Label assets quickly and easily. Synchronize Evidence categories and owner lists with XProtect® prior to uploading.

- Secure Auditing – Each asset uploaded to the Axon platform will include XProtect® and Axon audit trails for a complete chain of custody. If you need a better way to capture, manage, reconstruct and redact data

- and easily share information with law enforcement agencies, you can get the free plugin below.