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Milestone Care Plus Hero Package

Milestone Care Plus

Milestone Care Plus is a service package designed to ensure you are ready for the future. Whether the future brings new technological innovations or responses to security challenges, this packages helps keep your system up-to-date and ready to react quickly to changes and opportunities.

Here’s what you get with Care Plus

Three reasons to update your system
With instant access to recurring product updates, you are guaranteed a wealth of new capabilities that are designed to make your product better, safer and more powerful. 

Keep up with innovation
Milestone adds new functionality to its products multiple times a year. Milestone Care Plus lets you keep up with these innovations and optimize your total cost of ownership.

Secure technology fit over time
Add and benefit from new technology as soon as its available to continually improve your surveillance system.

Running on the latest version available ensures you can take advantage of new technology that is built to improve performance and optimized hardware utilization.

Reduce vulnerabilities
A secure system starts with an up-to-date system. Care Plus gives you continuous access to new security features. With recurring product updates, Milestone can instantly respond to the changing landscape and address new threats via product updates. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind.




Your guarantee for a security system that always works

Ensure a continuously functioning system by giving your reseller access to the Milestone Customer Dashboard, which offers a complete overview of the health, stability and performance of your system.

Help your reseller help you
The Customer Dashboard is an online service that allows your system integrator or administrator, to monitor your system and be notified of potential technical incidents that need attention.

Focus on what matters the most
With a continually functioning system, you can focus on what’s important and avoid unforeseen costs of lost working hours.

Always have footage available
Stop malfunctions before they happen, and prevent lost or damaged footage. 










Your security installation might meet your current needs, but it will eventually be time for an upgrade.

Scale to meet future requirements
Milestone Care Plus lets you put the full trade-in price of your current Milestone product towards an upgraded solution, thus providing a cost-effective way to adapt your system to changing needs while giving you a full return on investment.  


Connected Service Features
Benefit from exclusive Care Plus features like push notifications and Smart Connect to make the most of your system. Push notifications notify you when alarms are triggered in your system, while Smart Connect allows you to verify that Milestone Mobile is configured correctly without even logging into a mobile device. Stay connected and stay alert with Care Plus.

Milestone Care Plus

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Self-help support


License Chat

Knowledge base

User Forum

Access to new device driver packs

Access to new product versions

Reseller access to Customer Dashboard

100% trade-in credit when upgrading

Push notifications and Smart Connect

Direct technical email and phone support 24/7/365

Case Management Tool

Localized support available in selected markets

Committed response times

Committed resolution times

Technical Chat Support

Dedicated technical account manager

Known issues list

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Take a look at Care Premium and see how you can get 24/7
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Milestone Care Premium Hero package

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Milestone Care Plus

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