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Milestone CARE™ Plus

Ensure your business is always safeguarded 

Milestone Care Plus lets you keep pace with the latest innovations on Milestone
products, while protecting your initial surveillance investment.


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Milestone Care Plus

Security needs change over time, and it’s important that your surveillance system  
continues to meet your operational demands. Includes Milestone Care Basic,
plus several capabilities designed to future proof your Milestone system.


Milestone CARE


Milestone CARE

Keep up with the latest product innovations 


Milestone CARE

Ensure continuous system operation

Milestone CARE Online E-care portal

Get the full return on your investment


Milestone Care Plus includes:

Online eCare portal



Free access to self-paced, interactive training courses
Milestone CARE chat supportChat support Chat for licensing issues and non-technical questions 
Milestone CARE knowledge baseKnowledge base
Milestone solution center for common support questions and issues
Milestone Systems User forumUser forum
Best practice sharing forum 



Milestone CARE access to server releasesAccess to Service Releases Free and immediate access to all new software service releases
Milestone CARE access to new device driver packsAccess to new device driver packs Free and immediate access to all new device driver packs

Investment protection


Milestone CARE Trade-in value on software productsTrade-in value on software products* Get 100% credit on your current Milestone product when upgrading to a newer or more advanced product
Milestone CARE access to new versionsAccess to new versions Immediate access to the latest product updates. Click here to try the Version Comparison Tool, to see the amount of features being addded with every product update

Online services


Milestone CARE Customer dashboardCustomer Dashboard Online system health monitoring service available for your reseller
Milestone CARE Connected Services Connected Services** Includes services that can be utilized when your system is connected to the internet.


* Not applicable for XProtect® Essential 2016 R3 and higher,  XProtect® Essential+ R2 2017 and Milestone Husky™ M10, M20, M30 and M50.
** Connected services includes Push Notifications, Smart Connect and Customer Dashboard. To take advantage of these services your XProtect system needs to be connected to an online network.



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Milestone Care





  Annual fee



  Chat support

  Knowledge base

  User forum

  Access to Service Releases

  Access to new device driver packs

  Trade-in value on software products





  Access to new versions


Milestone customer Dashboard  Customer Dashboard


  24/7 Technical support (1)


Case Managment Case Management Tool


  Localized support


  Prioritized handling


  Committed response times


  Committed resolution times


  Technical account manager


  Known issues list


Requires Milestone Care™ Plus on covered products
  *)  End-customer tech support is available through Milestone partners for Milestone Care™ Basic and Milestone Care Plus



When your business needs change — maybe it’s time to expand your coverage


Milestone CARE


Milestone Care

Milestone CARE Premium

Round-the-clock support for
your Milestone product

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Milestone Care

Milestone CARE Elite

Expedient resolution of critical issues
through dedicated account management

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