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XProtect® Professional Series

The ideal video management software for mid-sized installations

About the XProtect Professional Series

Designed for mid-sized security installations covering multiple buildings, servers or locations, the XProtect Professional Series is an IP video management software (VMS) supporting an unrestricted number of cameras and servers. This Series is optimized for companies that need to identify and respond to incidents quickly and is ideal for institutions such as schools, museums, hospitals and production plants.

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Complete visual overview of the entire installation so you can respond to incidents quickly
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Stay on top of your security with anywhere, anytime access to your video
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Integrate third-party software and business applications into your security system

Two high-performing products:
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XProtect Professional*

With XProtect Professional, operators get a complete graphical overview of their security installation, so they can act quickly and provide accurate information to first responders. 

Choose XProtect Professional if you need:

  • Up to 320 cameras per server.
  • Software designed for multiple servers.
  • Multi-layer maps and full alarm management.

 *XProtect Professsional is in maintenance mode as of June 19, 2019 when the final version of the product was released. Click here for more information.

XProtect Professional+

XProtect Professional+ expands on the capabilities of Professional and includes the ability for operators to centrally manage all servers, cameras and users in a multi- site installation. It’s built with innovative technology designed to save you money and boost the overall performance of your hardware. 

Choose XProtect Professional+ if you need:

  • To connect more than 320 cameras per recording server.
  • To centrally manage multiple servers spread over multiple sites.
  • To take advantage of the latest technology, such as H.265 compression, 4K and UHD cameras.
  • To add an extra layer of redundancy on recordings with Edge Storage.
  • To take advantage of hardware accelerated video decoding for increased system performance and lower total cost of ownership


Compare XProtect Professional and XProtect Professional+ XProtect Professional XProtect Professional+

Centralized Management

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Edge Storage

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Type of deployment

Multi-server Multi-Server

Number of recording servers

Unrestricted Unrestricted

Number of devices per recording server

320 Unrestricted

Maximum number of users

Unrestricted Unrestricted

Supports all XProtect Clients

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Alarm Manager

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Multi-layer maps

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Third-party application integration

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Microsoft Active Directory

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H.265 support

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Hardware accelerated video motion detection

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Smart Client profiles

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Flexible rule engine

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See the whole picture

  • With multi-layered maps, you get a visual overview of the installation with live video feeds displayed directly on the map.
  • Full alarm management provides a consolidated overview of security and system alarms for immediate visual verification.
  • With support for two-way audio, operators can actively communicate with people and relay instructions while recording it for potential investigation and documentation. Check out this video to see how adding audio can make a difference in your video installation.

Access your system from anywhere

  • Whether you are on-the-go, off-site or onsite, your installation is only a click away with support for all three XProtect clients.
  • Sleep safe at night knowing the system will automatically notify you if something needs your attention.
  • Create an efficient workflow with a customizable and simplified user interface that lets you tailor the user experience to fit your needs.
  • Save time and labor with advanced search tools that help you easily find what you are looking for.


Take advantage of the latest innovations with Professional+

  • Building your installation on the best performing recording engine in the industry ensures you get a reliable installation you can always count on, now and in the future.

  • With centralized management, you can manage multiple users, sites and devices from one central location
  • Utilize latest video decoding technology to ensure you can benefit from savings in storage requirements and higher performance.
  • Never worry about missing a critical recording due to lack of storage space with proactive system notifications sent immediately to your integrator.
  • Stay on the forefront of innovation and take advantage of the latest technologies such as metadata and edge storage.

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XProtect Professional*

XProtect Professional+

*XProtect Professional will enter maintenance mode in June 2019, after their final versions are released. Click here for more information.

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XProtect: Easy to maintain

The Milestone Customer Dashboard is an online system monitoring service that enables resellers to obtain real-time status updates of their customers' installations. With this monitoring system, resellers can keep track of even the simplest technical issue on a customer's installation and proactively solve it before it becomes a problem for the user.

XProtect: Easy to use

Milestone continually strives to make XProtect VMS easy to use, so we offer three flexible ways for users to view surveillance: XProtect®Smart Client, XProtect Mobile and XProtect® Web Client. Depending on where you are and what features you need, you can choose the mobile device or computer you prefer to use and whether you want to access XProtect VMS on-site, off-site or on-the-go. And because all of our clients are free of charge, you can use all three or any combination of the clients based on your preferences.

Extend your solution

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Three powerful ways to view your XProtect Professional system for free 

XProtect Professional is easy to use with three free, flexible interfaces. XProtect Smart Client is the daily client interface for control over the entire installation. XProtect Web Client lets you view, play back and share video on web browsers and computers. XProtect Mobile is for viewing and controlling video from smartphones and tablets.

XProtect Smart Client

Feature-rich interface

XProtect Web Client

Web-based access

XProtect Mobile

On-the-go surveillance

Extend your system with XProtect add-on products

Use XProtect Add-on products to incorporate other business and security systems into your video installation.

XProtect LPR

Automate tasks

XProtect Retail

Transaction analysis

XProtect Screen Recorder

Monitor computers

XProtect Transact

Verify transactions

Milestone Interconnect connects remote sites for cost-efficient distributed video surveillance

Milestone Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows all XProtect software, the Milestone Husky NVR series embedded appliances to be interconnected with XProtect Corporate. Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites. 

Learn more about Milestone Interconnect.