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Here you can find brochures, specifications, videos and much more about our solutions.

Available resources
XProtect Professional Boilerplate217.44 KB
XProtect Professional Series Boilerplate 2017 R2218.43 KB
XProtect Professional Series Product flyer A4 in EN1.51 MB
Product release 2016 Professional print2.51 MB
XProtect Professional Catalog Flyer in English1.20 MB
XProtect Professional Series Product Flyer1.51 MB
Product release 2016 Professional web868.85 KB
Milestone XProtect Whats New Presentation 2017 R258.76 MB
Milestone XProtect VMS Series Whats New Presentation3.49 MB
Business Ready Products R2 whats new presentation45.57 MB
XProtect Professional Product Presentation 2017 R25.54 MB
[Collapse]Release Notes
Release Notes - XProtect Professional VMS Products 2017 R2239.34 KB
XProtect Professional 8 Release Notes253.73 KB
[Collapse]Specification Sheet
XProtect Professional Specification Sheet 2017 R2889.02 KB
XProtect Professional Product Sheet 2017 R2724.44 KB
[Collapse]White paper
White paper - Milestone Interconnect 2017 R22.84 MB