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To use XProtect Mobile, your smartphone or tablet must be connected to the Internet. You can use any data connection that allows access to the Internet, including Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections.

You will need to download two items before you can get started using XProtect Mobile:

XProtect Mobile server component

The XProtect Mobile server component is installed by default in the following versions and later: XProtect Go 2.1, XProtect Essential 2.1, XProtect Express 1.1, XProtect Professional 8.1, XProtect Enterprise 8.1, XProtect Expert 2013, XProtect Corporate 5.0, Milestone Husky NVR series* and Milestone Arcus™ products*.

For previous versions, download and install the free XProtect Mobile Server component to your video recording server or system. For details on downloading the XProtect Mobile Server component and how to integrate XProtect Mobile-related settings into your XProtect surveillance system, see the XProtect Mobile Server Manual.

XProtect Mobile client

Download the free XProtect Mobile application from Google Play or App Store. Once you have downloaded XProtect Mobile, a small Milestone logo icon will appear on your device screen. By pressing this icon XProtect Mobile will start.

When you open the application you will see the Milestone Demo Server, which allows you to try the application without setting up an XProtect surveillance system. 

To retrieve and see video from your cameras, you will need to add one or more XProtect Mobile Servers, which are recording servers/dedicated servers with the Milestone Mobile Server component installed on them.

To add Milestone Mobile Servers, fill in the required server details. If you want to retrieve video from additional servers, repeat this process. You can add as many recording servers as long as you have the necessary log-in credentials.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage for more details.

*Please note that some functionality in XProtect Mobile may differ when viewing the Milestone Husky series or Milestone Arcus-embedded products.

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