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Welcome to the XProtect Mobile help section! We hope you find XProtect Mobile easy to use. However, Milestone has put together some information to help answer your questions about installation, setup or everyday use.

About XProtect Mobile

XProtect Mobile consists of two items, an application for your smartphone or tablet and a server component. The Milestone Mobile Server component needs to be installed on the server that runs your XProtect surveillance system or on a dedicated server.

Supported versions

XProtect Mobile supports devices running Android 2.2, iOS5, Windows Phone 8 and higher, Milestone Husky M10, Milestone Husky M20, Milestone Husky M30, Milestone Husky M50, Milestone Husky M500 Advanced, Milestone Husky M550 Advanced and works with the following XProtect product versions and higher: XProtect Corporate 4, XProtect Expert 2013, XProtect Enterprise 8, XProtect Professional 8, XProtect Professional+ 2017 R2, XProtect Express 1, XProtect Express+ 2017 R2,  XProtect NVR 1, XProtect Essential 2, XProtect Essential+.

Milestone Mobile support materials

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