Coordinate response activities quickly and effectively with an advanced and customizable video wall solution that displays the most relevant and critical video data on multiple screens.

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What is XProtect Smart Wall?

XProtect Smart Wall is an advanced video wall solution that gives a supreme situational overview of large surveillance centers. Fully integrated with XProtect® Smart Client, XProtect Smart Wall displays video data that is most relevant to your installation. Presets view layouts allow operators to focus on the most critical matters and coordinate multi-user response activities quickly and effectively.

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Situational management

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Decision making

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Hardware independent

Powerful situation management

XProtect Smart Wall is a collaborative canvas that facilitates effective information exchange and response coordination in control rooms. It supports a wide range of information including maps, video, alarms, and messages to help operators focus on their most critical tasks.

Improved decision making

The Smart Wall is fully integrated with the situational awareness tools in the XProtect Smart Client, making it easy for operators to instantly share content with other operators on the video wall. Information can also be automatically published on the XProtect Smart Wall based on events and alarms triggered in the VMS system.

Hardware independent

XProtect Smart Wall supports any amount or combination of monitors, regardless of manufacturer. It runs on standard servers and displays, giving you the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits your needs and budget. The XProtect Smart Wall also employs hardware-accelerated decoding, resulting in high quality video performance and a significantly reduced CPU load. Its full integration with the XProtect Smart Client also makes it easy to deploy and reduces the need for extensive operator training.

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How to buy XProtect Smart Wall

Buy XProtect Smart Wall for your XProtect software. After submitting your information you will be contacted by a Milestone reseller.

If you don't have an XProtect VMS, you can use the link below to purchase XProtect Smart Wall and XProtect VMS.


Find the information you need in our XProtect Smart Wall brochure, specification sheet, video, and more.