Milestone Interconnect connects remote sites for
cost-efficient distributed video surveillance

Milestone Interconnect


Milestone Interconnect is the ideal surveillance solution for a wide variety of industries that want a cost-effective way to gain central surveillance of multiple sites spread across a region.

Central surveillance operation

  • Easily monitor the most critical areas because individual cameras and sites can be interconnected and effectively viewed from one location
  • Faster incident handling because operators in the central system can access video and receive alarms from the connected remote sites
  • Centralized daily operations, including monitoring video and handling evidence, provides effective management of multiple stand-alone video surveillance installations

Cost-effective solution

  • Systems can be managed remotely, which reduces the need for local security personnel, maintenance, operational and other staff costs, including on-site visits
  • Optimize storage using available remote and central storage and network resources

A solution for now and the future

  • Expand a single, smaller surveillance system to span multiple geographical locations as needs increase and use Milestone Interconnect to coordinate surveillance and centralize management efforts across those sites
  • Link individual cameras or whole sites to XProtect Corporate using Milestone Interconnect to access top-of-the-line functionality for a complete overview of multiple, remote locations

Milestone Interconnect™ and Milestone Federated Architecture™ comparison chart

AspectMilestone InterconnectMilestone Federated Architecture
Primary application Optimized for the connection of many small sites Optimized for the connection of fewer, larger sites
Compatible products All paid XProtect VMS, Milestone Husky NVRs and Milestone Arcus embedded products XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate
Scalability Unrestricted number of remote sites can be interconnected to one central XProtect Corporate system Unrestricted number of federated sites can be connected to one central XProtect Corporate system
Video storage Video can be stored in a remote or central system with a combination of manual, event-driven or scheduled upload Storage is only available in the remote system with no transfer of video
Network requirements Tolerant against intermittent network connections. Video can be uploaded when the network is available with the option to throttle the used bandwidth1 Requires stable network connections between federated sites2
IT dependencies / User management Authentication of users in a remote system can be completed using basic user authentication in the XProtect VMS, Windows users or Active Directory users, where domain trust between the central system and interconnected remote sites is not a prerequisite Requires definition of users in a common Active Directory domain, or domain trust, between the central and federated sites
Management Management of remote sites via integrated remote desktop connection Central management via the site navigation in the XProtect federated sites' Management Client
Map and Alarm management Maps and alarms are defined in the central system Maps and alarms are defined in each federated site and added to a unified experience in XProtect Smart Client
Bookmarking Bookmarks can be added centrally on all interconnected cameras regardless of the type of interconnected system Bookmarks can be added centrally on all federated cameras, where the bookmarks are stored in the federated system
Licensing Each camera in an interconnected system and available in the central XProtect Corporate system requires a Milestone Interconnect device license Milestone Federated Architecture can be used freely and is not subject to additional licensing beyond the regular licensing of the VMS
1. Adequate network bandwidth must be available for live viewing of interconnected cameras and for playback when playing back video stored in the remote system
2. Adequate network bandwidth must be available for live viewing and play back of federated cameras

Supported Milestone products

Central system
XProtect Corporate 2013 or later*

*Please note that some products require 2013 R2 or later

Remote sites
XProtect Corporate 2013 or later
XProtect® Expert 2013 R
XProtect® Enterprise 8 or later
XProtect® Professional 8 or later

XProtect® Express 1 or later

XProtect® Essential 2 or later
Milestone Husky NVRs

Milestone Arcus embedded appliances

Milestone Interconnect compatibility

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