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XProtect® Access

Video enabled access control integration

Experience the benefits of combining video with access control in one single interface

What is XProtect Access?

XProtect Access is an add-on product to Milestone’s XProtect VMS that enables you to integrate your access control system with your XProtect VMS. You can then control both your video cameras and your access control system from one centralized interface. XProtect Access works in installations of all sizes.

Why should I video-enable
my access control?

Combining video with access control events offers several advantages. You get:

  • Better decision making from your operators, who visually verify the identity of individuals requesting access.

  • More efficient work processes, as operators can manage video surveillance and access control from one interface at their desk or on-the-go with Milestone Mobile

  • More thorough, straightforward post-incident investigations, as you have video information linked to each entry/exit event

Why should I choose XProtect Access?

XProtect Access provides an easy, efficient way of video enabling your access control.

  • It is a cost-effective way to integrate video and access control, as it requires a minimal amount of onsite configuration for your integrator, due to the pre-integration made by the Access Control vendors.
  • It is a scalable solution, since it works with the full range of the XProtect VMS product suite *.
  • You can select the access control system that fits your needs and budget.


What can I do with XProtect Access?

Once your access control system is integrated with your XProtect VMS, you can:

  • Manage access rights and requests with live video and real-time notifications using XProtect Smart client and Milestone Mobile
  • Manage large installations with thousands of access points
  • Integrate multiple access control systems from any vendor in the same interface


How do I get started?

If you want to video enable your access control, you need the following:

  • The XProtect VMS of your choice
  • The XProtect Access add-on product
  • An access control system from the vendor of your choice
  • The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) to create the link between the VMS and the access control system

Below you’ll find a list of providers who have developed access control systems that work with XProtect VMS and XProtect Access. If you need help finding the solution that works best for you, contact a certified Milestone partner. 


XProtect Access compatibility chart

XProtect Add-onAdd-on descriptionXProtect
Professional &
Express series
Corporate & Expert
M20, M30, M50
M500 & M550
XProtect Access
Unites access control and video for monitoring access events and controlling access points.    
Note: Husky NVR units are compatible with XProtect Access Control Module, which has all major functionality of XProtect Access

XProtect Access third-party compatibility

Infinias eIDC32 Door Controller Integrated with XProtect Access by 3xLOGIC

Infinias Intelli-M Access® is a browser-based access control management application, delivering cutting-edge features to easily manage enterprise-wide to single-door installations. Intelli-M Access® delivers the ultimate in simplicity, scalability, and security for businesses and organizations with three levels or software, designed to meet your unique requirements: Access Essentials, Access Professional, and Access Corporate.

The infinias eIDC32 door controller is the smallest most powerful  IP access control device available, revolutionizing the concept of access control. Leveraging PoE, the eIDC32 only requires a single network cable running to your door, providing you tremendous cost-savings and flexibility when installing access control. Additionally, with multiple inputs and outputs and up to two readers per door, the eIDC32 will power all of your door accessories. Did we mention it’s small? Anywhere you can install a double gang wall box, you can put an eIDC32.



X.90 Access Control System Integrated with XProtect® Access by Matrix Research Limited

ACX Integrated System Platform (ISP) provides a comprehensive Access Control, Time Attendance, Carpark Control, Lift Control, I/O Monitoring and mobile swipe card system. With scramble encryption between PC, controllers and readers, this is the highest data security application in the market. Each ACX access control panel is an independent, true IP server, offering fast response time, minimizing the failure rate and allowing a daisy chain connection for flexible wiring.
The ACX ISP integrates with the Milestone VMS to maximize the power of the access control system. One fully capable system also means flexible and convenient management for end users.

The AX Enterprise Integrated with XProtect Access by Axxess Identification Ltd

The AX Enterprise provides functionality directly into Milestone XProtect® allowing operators to monitor live access control events and view IP video footage from the door simultaneously. Real-time commands, interactive graphic floor plans, remote unlock, pass, lockdown etc., providing a complete overview, improving response times.

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller Integrated with XProtect Access by Milestone Systems A/S

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is a non-proprietary access management platform open for third-party software integration. The PoE controller is installed by each door and data is automatically synchronized between the controllers in the system. 

Bosch Access Professional Edition Integrated with XProtect Access by Bosch

Building on the strong base of video integration between Bosch and Milestone, this Elite partnership has expanded into the access control domain with the Bosch Access Professional Edition (APE) and Milestone XProtect plug-in. The innovative Access Modular Controller (AMC) hardware administrated by APE software is field proven in thousands of enterprise-level access control applications including high level security projects. The powerful combination with Milestone XProtect covers integrated alarm management, video verification, map viewing, door handling and event viewing from one user interface. This server-based access control solution ensures proper search function and grouping capabilities for cardholders for more effective information management.

enteliWEB Integrated with XProtect Access by Delta Controls

enteliWEB is a web-based application that combines the power of enterprise dashboards with easy-to-use facility management tools. Customizable energy management dashboards and powerful energy reports, provide managers with the tools to reduce energy consumption and lower costs. Task-driven alarm management and system dashboards, make it easy for operators to quickly visualize and prioritize their work and keep the facility running comfortably and efficiently.

The enteliWEB integration with XProtect Access provides XProtect with access control data from the site’s BACnet network. This includes real time door status, system alarms, and request to enter notifications. Users can accept or reject requests inside of XProtect Access, which sends the result directly to the BACnet system.


Honeywell Pro-Watch® integration by Milestone Systems

Milestone Honeywell Pro-Watch integration is an XProtect Access control plug-in. The plug-in enables the XProtect Smart Client as the operator’s tool for monitoring access, and adds a number of administrative features, including control of access points, doors, status monitoring of Pro-Watch objects, integrating cardholders directly into Milestone with image support and association of cameras and access points to provide live monitoring of events. The plug-in integrates the stability and usability of Honeywell Pro-Watch® with the XProtect Smart Client, giving the operator the best possible tool for access control monitoring.


IMRON IS2000 Integrated with XProtect Access by Imron

IMRON Corporation's flagship product, IS2000, is a world class "open architecture" access control and alarm monitoring platform that offers an integration to Milestone Systems’ Access Control.  The integration is scalable supporting small sites to enterprise sites and allows the operator(s) to view IS2000 access control and alarm transactions from the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The IS2000 open architecture offers legacy customers a method to leverage their existing installations and expand using the latest innovative field hardware.


Inner Range logo

Integriti – Integrated with Milestone XProtect® Access (ACM) by Inner Range

Integriti’s integration with Milestone’s ACM is IP-based and bi-directional. This ACM integration allows Milestone to be the single master “head end” security management platform, with Integriti functioning as an access control and security sub-system. Cardholder information, alarms and events, as well as door and area statuses in Integriti, are sent to the XProtect® system in real-time. It empowers operators to effectively manage their security operation by seamlessly monitoring and controlling Integriti alarm and access points through the XProtect VMS.

iSolus logo

iSOLUS Integrated with XProtect Access by iSOLUS

iSOLUS integrates effectively with the Milestone XProtect Access to respond to today’s major security challenges. It offers customers high-level security management and situational awareness with unmatched flexibility. 
Security Installers are able to implement intelligent video surveillance solutions that fit the customer’s needs perfectly.



The Future: ISONAS Pure IP Integrated with XProtect Acces by Isonas

At ISONAS, our cutting edge Access Control System offers a revolutionary approach, using your existing network to bring intelligent decision-making to the door.  The only equipment you need at each access point is a network connection usually a CAT 5 Ethernet cable and our PowerNet reader controller.  The integration with the Milestone Access Control provides a single, powerful interface for controlling doors and managing alarms and events with the XProtect Smart Client as the front-end.

Milestone XProtect® Access - Lenel OnGuard Integration by Milestone System

The Milestone XProtect® Access – Lenel OnGuard integration is based on Milestone’s XProtect® Access interface and enables operators to display Lenel access control events and alarms on the XProtect® Smart Client. OnGuard Access is an advanced access control application that includes a feature-rich alarm monitoring module and integrates biometric technology, including hand geometry, fingerprint and iris recognition. The integration will allow users to view alarm events from OnGuard in real time in XProtect® Smart Client and acknowledge OnGuard alarms from the XProtect® Smart Client.

Bolid ARM Orion Pro Integrated with XProtect Access by MM-communications

Bolid's access control software, ARM Orion Pro, is part of the Orion integrated security system offered by Bolid. This solution provides comprehensive control, and enables a high degree of overall security for financial companies, SMBs, business centers, warehouses, residential areas, cottages, hotels, parking and educational applications. MM-communications, who is a solution partner of both Milestone Systems and Bolid, offers a plug-in integration of the ARM Orion Pro access control solution via XProtect Access. The integration makes it possible to monitor and control all access points, requests, events and alarms enriched live and archived videos in real-time from the single user interface of the XProtect Smart Client.


Nedap AEOS – Milestone XProtect® Access Plug-in by Nedap N.V Security Management

The integration between Nedap’s AEOS and Milestone XProtect® Access Plug-in allows customers to enjoy the features of an advanced access control system in Milestone VMS environment. This enables them to exchange cardholder information, monitor entrances, manage alarms and perform full video verification.

Open Options DNA Fusion™ Integrated with XProtect Access by Open Options 

Open Options DNA Fusion™ seamlessly integrates with Milestone Systems’ Access providing operators the ability to view alarms and events from within the XProtect® Smart Client as well as control doors within the system. The integration is supported in XProtect Enterprise and XProtect Corporate video management software.


Kaba Exos Integrated with XProtect Access by Pablo Niklas et Fils AS

The Kaba Exos Integrated with XProtect Access by Pablo Niklas et Fils AS combines Kaba's Datapoint technology with real-time SQL retrieval techniques to make this Plug-in one of the most versatile Access Control supervision softwares on the market. Kaba claims that their Exos access control system has the "Highest rated security level, thanks to the Kaba ARIOS concept". This Plug-in retrieves all access control related state changes and events that occur within Kaba Exos and uses them to provide a user-friendly interface that helps security guards manage and control their environment from within a single application. Cameras can be linked to any of the provided elements, providing full awareness of what is going on at exactly the right time and place.

Paxton Net2 Access Control

The Paxton Net2 integration developed by Paxton Access Ltd is a plug-in integration that combines Paxton Net2 Access Control with XProtect software. The plug-in integrates Paxton Net2 Access Control directly into XProtect® Smart Client and allows the user to control access and monitor video surveillance from one unified interface, eliminating the need to run two separate applications. The Paxton plug-in integration enables the user to open and close doors while simultaneously viewing video footage of the doors.


SecuRex S-ACC Series Access Control System Integrated with XProtect Access by SecuRex Solution Ltd

Securex Access Control System (S-ACC) is a complete Enterprise Grade Access Control system, supporting patented scrambled encryption technology, and, full range of different card, reader and biometric technologies. When integrated with Milestone Access Control, end-users can access all of their security operation at their finger tips via a single operator interface.



VAM – Visual Access Manager by Selesta Ingegneria S.p.A.

VAM is a product developed by Selesta Ingegneria for building security control. It integrates with XProtect IP video management platform by Milestone Systems, the global leader in Video Management Systems (VMS). Advanced building security needs are determined through applications that gather and control elements that contribute to the safety of the plant to be protected, such as people and vehicle access control systems, fire and burglar alarm systems, video surveillance and presence detection/management.
VAM is a scalable solution capable of handling systems of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations with branches throughout the territory. It shares detected events with XProtect for unified security management (access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance).

TDSi’s EXgarde 4.5 Integrated with XProtect Access by TDSi

TDSi’s EXgarde 4.5 fully integrated access control solution offers enhanced integration with Milestone’s XProtect Access. Security operators can opt to use Milestone as their primary user interface, whilst maintaining full access control via the EXgarde software, or use EXgarde 4.5 with all the benefits from the VMS as well. This offers security operators greater flexibility and choice over systems’ architecture.

Trafic Transport Surete

CentinelAccess Gateway & Plug-ins Integrated with  XProtect Access by Trafic Transport Sûreté (TTS) 

The CentinelAccess Gateway & Plug-ins integrated solution is a full ‘plug & play’ access control integration developed by TTS for enhanced open platform VMS. Customers will be able to integrate impressive access control functionalities with great ease regardless of the former AC system. CentinelAccess is an open platform software giving you the possibility of a mixed use of access control devices such as Suprema, Axis, Vauban, DDS controllers as well as SimonsVoss, Assa Abloy, Salto handles and plate recognition. Interactive alarm states management (ALIVE or NOT, SHORTCUT and TEMPER, with ACKNOWLEDGMENT or NOT) and events with an online iconography mapping. It's a multi-manufacturer, multi-site and multi-company solution that can handle from one to a thousand doors.

CentinelAccess is compatible with Milestone XProtect® Corporate, XProtect® Expert, XProtect®  Enterprise,  XProtect®  Professional and XProtect®  Express products.


XPR PROS Access Control Plugin

XPR’s PROS Access Control Plugin enables XProtect to connect to PROS access control server, enabling XProtect to retrieve configuration and user information from the access control system, receive access events and control doors and outputs.

XAtlas Integrated with XProtect Access by Zucchetti Axess S.p.A.

XAtlas by Zucchetti Axess S.p.A. is a modular and scalable platform that can integrate and supervise different subsystems for access management, time and attendance (T&A), intrusion detection and video surveillance. XAtlas is able to meet the needs of small businesses as well as multinational companies in terms of the number of access gates, users and plant extensions. The openness to external applications and the compatibility with numerous operating systems and database engines allows XAtlas to easily adapt to the customer's ICT environments. Due to the Milestone XProtect Access Plug-in, which allows the immediate propagation of information between XAtlas and XProtect®, it is now possible to manage the access control system directly from the XProtect® Smart Client.

How to integrate with XProtect Access

The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) is our open and free tool to create your own applications for Milestone software. Using the plug-in integration framework of the MIP SDK, you can easily integrate your access control system into Milestone software.

Learn more about or download the MIP SDK.



How to buy XProtect Access 

Buy XProtect Access for your XProtect software or if you aren't currently using XProtect, you can buy XProtect Access along with XProtect software. After submitting your information you will be contacted by a Milestone reseller.

Get more resources on XProtect Access

Here you can find brochures, specifications, videos and much more about XProtect Access.

Exact functionality of XProtect Access is determined by the specific XProtect and/or third-party access control product.