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Software House C-Cure 9000 by Milestone Systems


This distinction indicates that the solution has been certified with the Milestone XProtect Platform. The certification focuses on testing the solution's functionality, performance impact and usability.

Compatible products
XProtect Essential+ not supported XProtect
XProtect Express not supported XProtect
XProtect Express+ not supported XProtect
XProtect Professional not supported XProtect
XProtect Professional+ not supported XProtect
XProtect Enterprise not supported XProtect
XProtect Expert supported XProtect
XProtect Corporate supported XProtect
Husky M20 not supported Husky
Husky M30 not supported Husky
Husky M50 not supported Husky
Husky M500A not supported Husky
Husky M550A not supported Husky


Software House C-CURE 9000 by Tyco Security Products and Milestone Systems is a scalable, multi-site access control and alarm monitoring system. It gives central control over the entire system to system administrators at the main facility, while each local facility maintains control of its individual operation. Whether the organization consists of a few facilities that are locally dispersed or many that span the globe, this solution scales as the company grows.

The C-CURE 9000 integration with XProtect® software allows users to view live and recorded video from XProtect from inside the C-CURE user interface, eliminating the need to use two different consoles. Actions can be setup in C-CURE 9000 to stream video or go to a Preset from selected Milestone cameras on alarm from specified locations of interest.

All the administration and configuration of the integration is performed from the C-CURE Administration Workstation application.

This integration is developed by Milestone.

Key Features

  • Live and Playback video from any selected Milestone channel

  • Perform PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) on PTZ capable cameras

  • Create and execute Video Views and Tours

  • Status events indicating status of all Milestone Recorders and channels

  • Create actions to stream video from any Milestone camera or execute Preset on alarm / motion detection

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Next step

If you want more information about this third-party solution for your XProtect software, or if you want to be introduced to this Solution Partner, please submit your information. You will be contacted by Milestone shortly.

Other details

Last update: Oct 11 2017

Tested and supported versions by partner XProtect® Expert 2017 R3
XProtect® Expert 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2017 R1
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R1

Software Integrations developed via MIP SDK are onwards and backwards compatible. Yet, should you still like to verify a specific integration compatibility with XProtect or Husky not listed here, contact a partner directly.

Integration compatibility
(Partner products)

C-Cure 9000  v2.3, v2.4, v2.5, v2.6

For integration with a Milestone XProtect VMS or Husky NVR:
Integration Software and manual
Supported languages Arabic, Portuguese (Brazilian), Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Solution availability North America, South America, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand
Integration type Component Integration
Milestone Certified Solution

This integration has been certified by the partner.

Please use contact information for more information.

Documents and Whitepapers Milestone_Solution_Brief_XProtect_Software_House_ C-CURE_9000.pdf
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